Beware - zee Germans aren't all smiles und sunshine.

You don't want the Germans to come after you.

  German dentist extracts payment from patient


A German dentist overpowered a female patient in her home and yanked out two dental bridges from her mouth because she had failed to pay her bill. The dentist from the Bavarian town of Neu-Ulm is now under investigation for assault and theft after arriving at the woman's home with his medical instruments to perform the unwanted surgery.


According to police, the dentist knocked on the door of the 35-year-old woman on Monday evening and without saying a word forced her into her living room and tied her hands.


In a scene reminiscent of the movie Marathon Man, he then forced open her mouth and removed the £320 worth of dental work which the woman's insurance company had refused to pay.

According to the victim, he never said a word.


"The dentist is being investigated for assault for the way he forced open her mouth, and theft for taking the bridges," said Christian Owsinski a police spokesman.


"The woman was in pain when she showed up at the police station."


Mr Owsinski said the dentist, who has not been named, had not been arrested. If convicted he could face discipline from both the health insurance company and the dental association that could jeopardise his practice.




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No big deal. He was probably wanting to add

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to his father's collection of gold teeth, post-holocast.

It must be Zell!

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"I'll ask you once again, is it safe?"

Der Weiss Engel! Der Weiss Engel!

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Verflixt! Heilege Himmelfahrt!

Geh! Geh sofort! Macht schnell! Nicht halt!

Best regards, Wally

Stop the night?

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Sorry, my Germanic isn't the best.

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