Bill Nye (Science Guy) booed

Such heresy! Burn him, he's a witch! He knows scientific facts!


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This is just another one of those things...

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...that isn't even worth talking about.

Why is it religion must take down science, and science must take down religion?  The answer is: They don't have to.

It's okay to study and learn about your world, how do you expect to learn to drive a car or have a profession?  People in the bible got around on horses and had jobs.  All this stuff required knowledge and or science!

It's also okay to know that you're not going to be around forever on this earth and to start preparing for the future.  The future that happens after you die.  Science will not stop you from dying.  It aids in your profession and helps you to understand where you live but it will not stop you from dying.  It can hold it off, but it can't stop it.  You're gonna get old.  Now if you're happy to think that when you die your body rots and, that's it! Then that's your business.  But honestly, could it hurt that much to delve into the other options?  If you explore one option, and you don't find anything there, then look at another, seek and you shall find.

There is no future.

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There is only the present.  Always.

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