Bob Barker donates 5 million to save whales

Charging Whalers as pirates

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A Japanese whaling ship managed to shear off the bow of a boat that was harassing it in Antarctic waters.  The damaged ship was from a group funded by Bob Barker who is a major whale hugger.  The animal rights activists want to have the whaling ship charged with piracy.

Legal experts seem to think there is little chance the Japanese will be charged with piracy.  The ship was owned by the Japanese government and it was not attacking for personal gain. 

If Japan continues to hunt whales in the waters between Australia and Antarctica,  Australia might move to stop the whaling.  I think they should.  Something has to be done to stop the decimation of animal species in the oceans.  These big government owned fishing and whaling ships must be stopped before all the fish and whales are gone.

The US should set up fishing zones far off our coasts and then sell licenses to fisherman so that animal species are not hunted to extinction.

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I think they're trying something like that

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in Iraq, Afghanistan and Yemen. Doesn't seem to be working out too well though.

Coaster's friend and beloved television confidante

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doesn't like it when she's the focus.

(I thought she would be appropriate for a whale thread. I hope I don't get verbal abuse for hijacking this thread.)

Nancy Grace doesn't want camera in deposition By Associated Press

Talk show host Nancy Grace doesn't want her deposition in a central Florida wrongful death lawsuit videotaped.

Her attorney wants a federal judge to prohibit videotaping of Grace during a deposition Thursday or prohibit the release of the deposition if it is videotaped. Her attorneys say it's necessary to protect Grace from embarrassment. She's a host of HLN, formerly CNN Headline News.

Grace is being sued by Melinda Duckett's family. They blame her for inflicting emotional distress on the 21-year-old Florida mother during an appearance on her talk show.

as well as a

to preserve formatting of the story paragraphs.


Duckett was on Grace's show in 2006 after her son Trenton disappeared. Grace grilled the woman, accusing her of hiding something. Duckett shot and killed herself the day the taped interview was scheduled to air.


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