Boy is this place dead!

I wonder if Terribell is lactating yet?

<takes out brain>

<starts bouncing brain off the wall>


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Nothing to do Raj?

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Why not take up a habit?  There are tons of them to choose from.

Why can't there be any good habits.  People are like, "I like to make a habit of donating to charity every year.

Why can't I get one of those good habits?

Due to the New Depression

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There's an increase in the number of hobos. So hobo hunting is better than ever but I'm getting bored using the same old methods. I need to find some new and exciting ways to kill hobos.

Variations on hobo-killing

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1.  Steal people's homes so they're forced to become hobos, then kill them.

2.  Kill actors who play hobos.

3.  Become a hobo and kill yourself.

4.  Kill the Littlest Hobo. (That's a dog on a cheesy Canadian TV show who wandered from place to place and got into Lassie-type adventures.)

5.  Kill jet-setting playboys. (They're hobos with money.)

6.  Kill mimes.


The artist formerly known as Zorro.

"The Littlest Hobo"!?

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Oh my God!  I remember that stupid show!  Some crazy, random station from New Hampshire used to show it at like four in the morning back in the pre-cable days.  Thanks for the nostalgia buzz!

(Also, I used to be able to wake up at four.  Voluntarily at that!)

Something to talk about

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Remember the '70s TV show THE WALTONS?  It was cheesy the way they always started the show by showing the episode title, which always had a "The ________" format.

So I was thinking, what were some WALTONS episodes I wish I'd seen?

The Wife Swappers

The Heroin

The Pornographer

The Incest

The Transgendered

The Tax Evasion

The Serial Killer

The Jail Bait

The Abortion

The Lynching

The Divorce

The Euthanasia

The Condom

The Hobo Killer

The Beach Volleyball

The Bail Bondsman

The Dwarf Tossing

The Wet T-Shirt

The Gang Bang

The Rapper

The Lap Dance

The Illegal Immigrant

BTW, if the house's walls were so thin that the family could say good night to each other, does that mean the kids could hear Ma and Pa having sex?


The artist formerly known as Zorro.

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