Boycott San Francisco

I am joining the movement to boycott San Francisco - it is long overdue. Do not patronize their restaurants, hotels or tourist attractions. It's the least you can do.



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Cool, Missy. You know who would really appreciate your boycott?

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San Francisco. 

That's good news, Busty-1.

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Now then, we're all coming over to your place. Get that dive cleaned up, hit the kitchen and start baking and put on some clean clothes so we won't be embarrassed.

Mind your manners Mr Fool

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12 year olds don't clean up the double-wides they live in with much enthusiasm 

One out of four people is freakishly stupid. If three of your friends are normal, then it's you.


Since we are letting white supremists write our laws

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Are they going to bring back Jim Crow? The Arizona law clearly violates the Equal Rights amendment. This is an attack on legal citizens of this country. A second point should be made that the local police have better things to do than doing immigration officals work for them.

I can't wait for the headlines up here

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when some 90-year-old Canadian schmuck gets busted for not having immigration papers when none by law are required federally.

I heart American politics!

Yesterday a cop wanted to see my ID at the library

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Granted, it was a very odd situation.  This particular library branch was temporarily housed in a police station.  The original branch had been destroyed in a wind storm.

It did give me a small amount of insight into what it would be like to have the police asking for your ID or papers all the time.

Needless to say I will not be going back to that particular branch.

{;-) Dan in Miami


You were required to show ID to get into a library?

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What new draconian law is that? I've not heard of it.

The library branch was in a police builidng

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It wasn't a law.  When you go into a police station they require you to at least show some ID.  You might even have to go through a metal detector. 

{;-) Dan in Miami

Again I state (or ask): What are immigration papers?!!!!!!

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People don't carry around imigration papers.  Green cards are made of plastic and fit into the wallet, they are waterproof.  Passports, well, they have some paper in them, but they are still pocket-sized booklets.  State ID cards aren't made of paper (well mine isn't)

Take it from someone who's been involved with and run through the ringer of the immigration system. (Believe me!)

There are no such things as papers, people do not carry around papers.  And how do you get reasonably suspicious about illegal immigrants, or rather, how does one appear to be an illegal immigrant?  There's no way of telling without racial profiling, which doesn't work.  Unless cops simply stop people they don't know all day long, but that's a waste of time.

Canadians should grind down their horns before coming here

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It would make them harder to spot and stop saying "eh?" at the end of every statement.

Immigration papers, what are those?

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I mean I know what a permanant resident card is, and I know what a driver's license or passport looks like, but papers?  Nobody carries around imigration paperwork to show as evidence of residency, that's what cards and passports are for.

fine by me...

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... One less Stupid Tourist wandering the streets works for me. And while we're at it; screw Arizona, and all of the dumb-assed rednecks in it. The jerks haven't even made it to their state's centennial yet, no wonder they still need to grow the f**k up.

Try a red state vacation this year, they *love* people like you.


What am I boycotting? Rice-a-Roni or gay marraige?

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Because honestly, being a non-gay, and having non-gay tendencies I really can't make any sort of judgement on any gay individuals character or place with God.  And I really don't care to.  I have gay aquaintances that go to church, heck one of 'em sings in the choire.  I gave him a ride home once and he was singing for me, right after he stepped out the car the spirit fell on me heavy, and I began praising the Lord, then I realized it was a Sunday and I had missed church, so I was happy to get some sort of spiritual blessing that day, and yeah, cause I gave some gay guy a ride home.

Nevertheless, I am not crazy about vulgarity in public areas, and I've heard the gay district of san fran can be quite vulgar.  But straights get like that too.

Oh darn. Guess we'll all go

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Oh darn. Guess we'll all go bankrupt.

We should let the Native Americans create our immigration laws

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To them we're all illegal immigrants


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I resemble that remark.

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