BP CEO would like his life back



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BP CEO searches sofa cushions for $1.8 Billion

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The Harte institute did an early analysis of the impact [of the Gulf oil spill] last month that put the annual damage at $1.8 billion. The center is working on a new estimate now. 

"The $1.8 billion is just the tip of the iceberg," Yoskowitz said. The law caps economic damage liability for companies like BP at $75 million. Yoskowitz speculated that BP will probably end up paying more than that but said more aid may be needed.


Guess who will end up paying that $1.8 Billion.  That's right, China!

{;-) Dan in Miami

Commencing on June 15

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there will be mass evacuations of up to 50 million people because of, uhh, fumes. Yeah, that's it! Fumes! Somebody is smoking something, I'm thinkin'.

It's rolling thunder without the motorcycles.

Oh, and alien hybrids. I forgot about those.


Read all about it: tinyurl.com/2czwzsa

Most of those alien hybrids will look like Rajah

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That thought even frightens me!

Aliens have been taking my sperm since I was a wittle boy

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