BP OIl Spill Booming: Oh Man, Are They Ever Doing It Wrong.


NSFW, but outstanding just the same. Get past the boring-ass intro and you'll hear one fine short talk.


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That was fucking interesting

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Why can't they fucking put that into practice?

Most of those fucking BP executives need to be in fucking jail! Then they'd find out who the fucking pussies are!

"Why can't they [*** ] put that it into practice?"

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As the lady said, "There aren't enough booms in the [***] workld.  to cover the Gulf of Mexico, but there should be."   She stated further that the oil companies could easily affored them and that the lack of them demonstate that the oil companies, despite their claims, were not ready to handle a major blowout. 

Ergo > They shouldn't be fucking drilling at all

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Here's Kevin Costner and scientists's fucking solution


Even with properly maintained fucking booms ya still have to get the fucking oil up out of there fucking sometime and this fucking time there's fucking plumes below the fucking surface.

I assume her harsh language is due to frustration...

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...and possibly a satire of the language used by those in the industry.  However, she makes a good point, assuming that what she's saying is true.  As usual, the government takes something that is easy to fix, and botches it up completely.  Is it beuracracy?  Who knows?  Where is FEMA, where is the guy Clinton had in charge?

BTW, I was taught in environmental science that more of a mess was made cleaning up the valdez oil spill than the initial damage it would have caused.  My professor said, and do take this with a grain of salt:

-Oil leaks occur all the time naturally in our oceans, it is a common, natural, occurance.

-Most of the oil is absorbed by the land, my memory isn't great, but I think he said around 70 percent.  And the rest is absorbed by plants and other stuff, maybe another 12 percent.  His point was that nature takes care of business by itself.

-The clean-up crew for the valdez spill used harmful chemicals to clean up the spill.  As in washing off rocks and other oil covered objects with dangerous cleaners that are hazardous to the environment.

I think you can draw your own conclusions here.

You'd better get all the ca$h out of BP that you can get now

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because within the next 60 days the company will probably declare bankruptcy in the U.S.

Yeah, bankruptcy

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that will solve everything.  Ummm, with that kind of cash flow, I don't think even the most corrupt judge will make a bankruptcy case stick for a while.

One out of four people is freakishly stupid. If three of your friends are normal, then it's you.


British Petroleum agrees to pay $20 Billion in damages

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So basically they are going to be paying for the next 100 years?  Do they really have that much money?  From the Guardian Newspaper in the UK:

"...BP surrendered to the inevitable and announced that its shareholders will not be receiving any further dividend pay-outs this year. That decision alone will deflect some of the anger directed at the company, as will BP's agreement to fund the $20bn compensation scheme and its administration by the respected mediation lawyer who handled claims arising from the 9/11 attacks."


{;-) Dan in Miami

PS:  I'm pretty sure this oil spill will devastate the economy of Florida.  So where's my check?  How on Earth would I prove damages since I work in the entertainment industry mainly working on concerts?

PPS:  If they really have $20 billion in loose change why the f*** couldn't they have spent a measly $500,000 on a f***ing safety shut off valve in the first f***ing place?  Pardon my French.


Conservatives immediately label Obama

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an abomination and a bully.

The more things change...

I wish

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you'd have mentioned that those images were NSFW in a conservative environment.


Nutty Stupid Foxnews Watcher?

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You kids with your crazy internet lingo.

{;-) Dan in Miami

Congress grills BP CEO like a blackened Tuna

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Here are some excerpts from the long grilling Congress gave BP CEO Tony Hayward today.  The order of some of the statements has been rearranged by me, but they  are taken verbatim from reporter Andrew Clark of the Guardian Newspaper.

Henry Waxman says it's "clear that you don't want to answer our questions" and asks whether Hayward hasn't been involved in engineering throughout his career. Citing an internal document, he accuses BP of using a more dangerous well design called a "long string" to save $7m.

The BP boss isn't having it. Says the document also says the "long string" design would best serve the long-term integrity of the well and that the "long string" design isn't unusual in the Gulf of Mexico. So far, Hayward is being surprisingly feisty.

5.53pm: Michigan congressman John Dingell is interested in the decision to use single casing for the well, not a "tie-back" method. Was this decision to save money: yes or no?

Hayward says he wasn't involved in the decision and "can't possibly know" the precise reasoning behind it.

What about the decision to use only six centralisers to keep the bore in the middle of the well, not the 21 recommended by Halliburton?

Hayward: "I was not involved in that decision so it's impossible for me to answer that question."

7.41pm: Did anybody inform Hayward about a now notorious internal BP memo back in April describing the Deepwater Horizon drilling operation as a "nightmare well"?

"They did not," says Hayward, who says the first he knew of it being a "nightmare well" was when investigators from the Congressional committee drew the memo to his attention.

8.27pm: Good stuff from Peter Welch, a Democrat, who lists, one by one, all of BP's past accidents in the US. Is it true that BP's Texas City refinery blew up in 2005, killing 15 people? Is it true that BP's pipelines leaked in Alaska the following year? Is it true that BP was fined $370m by the US department of justice?

"That is correct," Hayward glumly replies to each one.

9.11pm: A cheap shot? Congressman Jay Inslee says BP's investment on "safer offshore drilling technology" is about $10m annually - about 0.0033% of BP's revenue: "That doesn't sound like an adequate prioritisation. How does it compare to your compensation?"

Hayward isn't taking this lying down: "In what respect?"

He adds that his comp was $6m.

Mike Doyle, a Pennsylvania Democrat, reminds Hayward that he's not running a department store, he's running an oil company with "life or death" decisions. Doyle wonders if running an oil company might be a good career option - it pays better than being a Congressman and doesn't seem to involve much work: "Those of you at the top don't seem to have a clue what was going on at this rig."


{;-) Dan in Miami



Like most who are summoned, including car execs and

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everyone else, he basically thumbed his nose and said kiss my succulent British ass. Anyone who thought that Congress would get some actual answers should look back on previous Congressional question-readers and the answers given.

Tony Hayward stonewalled Congress yesterday

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He was warned in a letter before he testified what the questions would be about.  He has had about two months now to inform himself on what went wrong.  Hayward has a PhD and is clearly no dummy.  For him to say at this point he doesn't know what went wrong is a lie, plain and simple.  His lawyers are telling him to dummy up in a futile attempt to prevent more lawsuits.  Here is the gist of the letter that Chairman Henry Waxman sent to Hayward before he testified:

"At the time of the blowout, the Macondo well [ Deepwater Horizon] was significantly behind schedule. This appears to have created pressure to take shortcuts to speed finishing the well. In particular, the Committee is focusing on five crucial decisions made by BP: (I) the decision to use a well design with few barriers to gas flow; (2) the failure to use a sufficient number of "centralizers" to prevent channeling during the cement process; (3) the failure to run a cement bond log to evaluate the effectiveness of the cement job; (4) the failure to circulate potentially gas-bearing drilling muds out of the well; and (5) the failure to secure the wellhead with a lockdown sleeve before allowing pressure on the seal from below. The common feature of these five decisions is that they posed a trade-off between cost and well safety." 



Me again.

BP has a terrible safety record.  Probably the worst in the Oil industry.  From the Scotsman newspaper:

The committee heard BP had 760 safety violations in the US in the last five years, compared with eight by ConocoPhilips and six by ExxonMobil.

Vermont representative Peter Welch reeled off a list of safety failings at the oil giant in the years leading up to the Deepwater Horizon blast.


{;-)  Dan in Miami

The US government should take over all BP operations on our territory and turn them over to a group of companies that have proven themselves when it comes to safety.  The revenues would go into a fund to reimburse individuals and companies that have suffered damages due to BP negligence.   BP is dangerously incompetent.


It would appear as though Tony Hayward has his life back

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BP CEO Tony Hayward took time off to watch his yacht compete in a prestigious race around England's Isle of Wight on Saturday.

How about reading more questions, Congress? And don't forget to give the questions to Tony prior to his appearance.

BP CEO's next jobs

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He certainly jobbed the Gulf of Mexico.  One good turn deserves another. From fauxnews.com:  http://www.foxnews.com/slideshow/opinion/2010/06/28/photo-op-inion-bp-chief-haywards-job?test=faces#slide=1 

{;-) Dan in Miami



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