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Is there a way to do it alphabetically? I mean, like the old site - picking a letter of the alphabet to start from. It's kind of a pain to start at "A" and then page through 20+ pages of results to get to a review starting with, say, "L".


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We'll put it on the list.

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We'll put it on the list.

Cool, thanks!

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On a tangentially related note, where is the Tigger Movie review, and are the old movie reviews (the ones that were removed for the book) being restored as well?


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The tigger movie wasn't in the alphabetical archives. But I just put it on the new site. You'll be able to find it in the search after 10 minutes or so after it's indexed again.

And yes, all of the review from the book are going back on. Several, like Blair Witch 2 and I am Sam are already on here.

We've done reviews A through (mostly) M and Z through (mostly) S.

I have two people working on them, each coming from the opposite direction. They should hook up around the R area and be done in about a week or so.

Thanks again!

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Another suggestion

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It would be nice if we could browse the reviews by year.

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