Burmese Python Just Freaked Out It's Swallowed The Entire Toddler


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I would like to take this opportunity

RidingFool's picture

to say that the Burmese python is going to have a tough time making it in Atlanta today. That poor python will have a difficult time slithering around on all that ice.

Atlanta's Forecast: Freezing rain and sleet in the morning...then a chance of freezing rain and sleet in the afternoon. Sleet accumulation up to 2 inches. Total snow accumulation up to 5 inches.

In other words, Welcome to Canada, Georgia!!! Please line up on the left for French classes and on the right for free medical care. Your first welfare cheque will be in the Poste Canada Post mail when you can pronounce Can-a-duh.

More like 8 inches

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We live in a small valley so we can't get out. If this goes on for much longer we'll have to resort to canniblism like the Donner Party.


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