Bush: More Deluded, Driven, and Dangerous Than We Had Imagined

Why did Rumsfeld think biblical quotes on the cover pages of his pentagon briefings were a positive thing?  It seems our president was a big believer in biblical prophesies, specifically that the harbingers of End Times, Gog, and Maygog were at work in the Middle East.  He believed that they must be destroyed.  Ha!  And you guys thought the war was all about oil!


Gog and Maygog?  When you read the story from my point of view, you will Gag.  Even the religious among us Maygag. 


Dan in Cinci, I know that Alternet is a progressive news outlet.  Before you criticize it, give me one example of a story they've done that was less than truthful. 



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He can always say God put him up to it

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Or say the Devil aka Cheney made him do it

Jacques Chirac opposed the invasion of Iraq

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Hey that rhymes!

Chirac was a fierce opponent of the Iraq invasion.  Some say he might have been motivated by financial arrangements between himself and Saddam Hussein. 

So why didn't he publicize this Gog thing at the time?

{;-) Dan in Miami

If not respect for the man, respect for his position?

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I'm guessing Chirac didn't want to do any more damage to the relationship between France and "Freedom Fries" Ville. But now that both he and Bush are out of office, he no doubt finds it amusing that the for eight long years, the inmates here were running the asylum.

Strange stuff...

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...don't really know what to make of it.  You know the Bible also states that, "there will be wars and rumors of wars...nation will rise up against nation...

Just because there's another war, doesn't mean the end is at hand, and I would hope it doesn't mean that because you're president, that that would mean that you are a key part of that prophesy.

There seems to be talk in revelation and some of the prophesies of Daniel concerning 4 kings that will come to power, and one of those kings that will overpower the other three, then get some sort of injury to the forehead, and then be healed by the devil at which point many non-christians are decieved that this man or king is more than a man.

"but when ye shall see the abomination that maketh desolate, standing where it ought not, head for the hills,"

there's also talk of an abomination that maketh desolate standing where it shouldn't be, I've always wondered what that was.

And there are many other things mentioned, it says that the same way you know spring is comming because the leaves come out (all nice n' green so to speak) is the same way you know the end of the world is comming, things start to happen that let you know it's comming.  I don't think that means you can just insert yourself into the prophesy at will...(shrugs)

If it was the end of the

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If it was the end of the world Jesus was talking about, what difference would "running for the hills" make?

Why do the birds go on singing?

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Why do the stars glow above?

Don't they know it's the end of the world?

would it be better to say he was refering to the destruction of

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...Israel in that particular verse?


I don't really know all that much about the last days biblical stuff I'd have to take a look.

One king will overpower the other three?

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Sounds like a game of Risk!


The one thing I learned?

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The Bible quotes are insane, but nothing beats looking at old people trying to con people with the crappiest Powerpoint presentation of all time.  I hope people realize they joined the Armed Forces to be lead by people who can be swayed by crappy graphics.

Fuck the Bible shit, the inability to make a convincing presentation to invade another country is what scares me the most. 

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