Campaigning for Specter? Is Obama serious?

That would be the most disgusting thing I've ever seen. Talk about stooping into the pigsty. And, no, it is not "smart" for 'bama to do so.  It is disgusting and it is insulting to the people of PA...who have shown themselves to be remarkably unforgiving of this sort of crap (see: all members of the state education board being voted out after voting to err on the side of the creationists).

And although it WOULD be gross if he did campaign for the ol' bag, it would also prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that Congress is just a bunch of hats being passed around... and THAT would tickle my told-you-so bone a bit. Tee-hee.


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They can still challenge him in the Democratic primary

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Like the challenge to Joe Lieberman.


Obama shouldn't trust him, he's a loose cannon like Lieberman

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He said so himself that he was going to vote his own way. If you'd look at his voting record he has supported Republicans on most of the major issues.

The only thing Dems can celebrate is the fact that the rats are jumping the Republican ship.

Here's Chris Matthews opinion on this


If Specter wants Dem votes in his primary election...

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... he better start voting with Obama to stop debate in the Senate.

That's the bottom line.

From the Associated Press this morning:

The five-term senator [Specter] repeatedly cast his switch as a decision of principle. But he also said his own pollster had told him his chances of winning a Republican primary in Pennsylvania next year were bleak.

Sen. Mel Martinez, R-Fla., said that in a private meeting with Republicans, Specter "gave a purely political explanation. ... He said: 'I've looked at the polls. I can't win as a Republican, I can't win as an independent. The only way I have a shot is to be a Democrat.'";_ylt=AtsuwEjx...

{;-) Dan in Miami

PS:  Obama doesn't really care how Specter votes on the bills themselves.  All he needs is a simple majority on those votes.


GOP flips the bird to Benedict Arlen

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From Faux News:

By Andrea Tantaros
Republican Political Commentator/ Contributor

Good riddance, Arlen.

In perhaps the boldest display of power lust and personal gain the Keystone State has seen in decades, lifelong faux Republican Senator Arlen Specter has officially shown his true colors and switched to the Democratic Party. But the only party he has really been concerned with for the last 19 years has been his own, and making sure it doesn’t come to an end.

For almost the past twenty years Republicans have watched in awe as Specter has rebuffed the GOP on some of the most serious and sensitive issues by siding with Democrats. A maverick? No. Manic? Maybe. An opportunist? Yes. The career politician has voted almost 60 percent of the time with the opposing party. These highly calculated snubs have only earned him the ire of Republicans, but also the distrust of  Dems. Until today, he always had an “R” behind his name, after all.

{;-) Dan in Miami



I like how Lieberman's "heroism"..

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...has become Specter's "power lust". 

Proof further that it is all a big game.  People just have to stop playing. It is the only way.

The US govt has failed at almost all of its missions lately and has made a good case for stripping it down to its bare-bones. A few examples. 

1) We're at war and staying there for a loooooong time.

2) Our economy is in the toilet and is now existing at the whims of a few "economists" at the Fed.

3) We support violence around the world.

And Obama has done nothing to stop this.  I will grant that he has only been in office for a few months, but I will not ever buy that the Federal Govt can or ever will fix the Federal Govt.  That is diseased thinking.  So, unless the endgame for any executive is to force the Fed Govt to take a major step away from governing (not the same as regulating), then they are going to fail, whatever their intentions may be.

My first act as President

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My first act as President would be to disconnect the phone, and go on a 4 year vacation.

George Bush tried the endless vacation mode of governing

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Which is how we ended up with President Cheney.  Even today Cheney is the one making all the public statements.  George has apparently gone fishin'.

The point is that someone will always fill the power vacuum.

{;-) Dan in Miami


Bush said he owed Obama his silence

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A decent move on his part

Washington etiquete says former Prez doesn't criticize new one

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That's really why Cheney is doing the criticizing.  Just remember that Bush lackeys blamed the Clintons for everything that went wrong during the Bush administration.  That was mainly a load of crap because Bill Clinton left a budget surplus.  The GOP squandered that with out of control spending and tax cuts for the rich and deregulating the banks etc.

{;-) Dan in Miami


Punch drunk GOP

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{;-) Dan in Miami

Was it something we said?

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{;-) Dan in Miami

Did the Dems double cross Arlen Specter?

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If so, some people might say he deserved it.  First Specter double crosses the GOP by switching to the Dems in the Senate.  He says the Dems promissed he could keep his seniority.  Then he said he hoped that Republican Norm Coleman would win his court battle with Al Franken and be seated in the Senate.  Right after that the Senate stripped him of his seniority. 

Now that he has no seniority it will be harder for him to win his contest in the Democratic primary in 2010.

Poor Arlen!  Will no one cry for him? 

{;-) Dan in Miami

Flawed premise

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Arlen didn't double-cross the Republicans, they double-crossed him.  The Club for Growth supported a candidate against him in his last primary, and he came close to losing.  And as you'll have to admit, the Repulican party has become more conservative, more Limbaugh/Hannity like in the past years.  Arlen was correct:  The party left him, not visa versa. 

I welcome Arlen Spector, or I would if I were a Democrat.  I just hope he gets his head right on the Union Voter Bill. 

The GOP think Specter double crossed them

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Also, it seems like more than a coincidence that the Senate voted to remove Specter's seniority immediately after he said he wanted the Republican Coleman to win over the Democrat Al Franken.

My guess is that:

1) Obama will not campaign for Specter

2)  Specter will continue to oppose the union card-check voting bill

3)  The Dems will support the strongest candidate they can find to run in the primary in 2010 against Specter

{;-) Dan in Miami

PS:  Here is a quote from

Senator Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania, who announced on April 28 that he was switching his affiliation to Democratic from Republican, has also said he would vote against card-check. Hours after Specter's announcement, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said he hoped a card-check alternative would emerge that Specter could accept.

Senator Tom Harkin said he is in talks with Senate Democrats opposed to the card-check approach to search for a compromise. There's support to remedy "imbalances" in labor law that favor businesses subject to union-organizing efforts, Harkin, an Iowa Democrat, said in an interview yesterday.


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he can just change his part affiliation and run in their primary? the democrats can't do anything about it?

Many states have wide open primaries

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Just about anyone can run for a parties nomination.  To run you would have to prove residency in the jurisdiction in question.  Then you would simply register as a Democrat.  I think some states do put a limit on how many times you can change your party during a certain period of time.

Some states don't even require voters to be a member of the party in question in order to vote in that parties primary.  To me it makes no sense for people registered as Republicans or independents to vote in the Dem primary or the other way around.

{;-) Dan in Miami

The British didn't really trust Benedict Arnold

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After he turned traitor and why should they have, he was after all a traitor. The only thing I'm happy about the Specter defection is that it's just another symptom of the Republican demise. But we do need a two party system in this country. Maybe it's time for another party to step in and fill the void. I wouldn't count on Specter to vote Democrat. He's only fighting for his political life.

Two parties will emerge.

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Unless an outside force acts to keep one down.  I think a schism in the Democratic party is as likely a scenario as anything.  Maybe not in the very near future, but now that they don't have a common enemy there's room for variation within the party.  It's asexual reproduction...the worst kind of reproducin'.

The liberal wing of the Dem party might split off

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If the moderate section of the Dem party continues to grow the libs may finally get fed up and form their own party.

For one thing the liberals are never satisfied.  Just look at how they are sniping at Obama already.

My guess is that the GOP will never again be a majority party on the national level.  The number of registered Republicans has been dropping for years.  Polls show they are losing with almost every demographic in the USA except maybe for mule raping white males. 

The GOP now gets less in campaign money than the Dems.  Because they are a minority.  Fat cats don't like to fund losers.  Also it is so easy now to raise money in small amounts from a whole lot of people on the Internet.  That tends to favor the Dems since there are more Dems out there.

About the only thing the GOP has going for it is the corporate media.  So maybe the Dems will finally enforce the anti-trust legislation on the books.  We should not allow 5 or 6 giant corporations to own all of our media.

{;-) Dan in Miami

Anti-trust could apply to alot of things nowadays

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The banking industry could sure use to have the laws put back in place

A 3rd party could emergy if...

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...the dems really mess up the chance they have to fix the economy and the war. If they screw up massively, and the repubs have nothing good to offer in response, then a third party candidat would be given more consideration.

Hopefully the dems will not mess this up, because it would be a large mess for everyone if they do.

Ho exactly is this stimulus package supposed to work anyway?


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"Old Republican pollsters never die--they just don't count anymore."


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