Can you name 1 thing Biden has accomplished?

The real story is; we have a stark raving lunatic for vice president named Biden who scares children and old people every time he opens his mouth. There is not a single story about Biden on The Daily Beast and the State run media controlled by the regime won't even let their talking heads discuss it.


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No, but

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he's at least a couple up from that thieving Greek, Spiro Agnew. Now there was a real winner.

Although, I suppose a Veep has no need to accomplish anything until the grand moment, does he?

Can't you find a conspiracy hypothesis someone cares about?

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Dick Cheney - Scary?  You want scary?  Scary is this cocks middle name, unless of course you're not hunting and own stock in a company he's involved with.

Al Gore - When he wasn't up a tree with Woodsy Owl didn't he invent the internet?  Or was that the Vice Presidental Action Rangers?

Dan Quayle - Talk about your foolproof assassination plot blocker, what can I say that hasn't been said 6014 times about Danny boy.

Bush Sr - Wow, a diplomat and spymaster, bland and creepy in a blender.  Mix DNA with Grandma Moses and see what you get?

Walter Mondale - Bland meets, well, something even more bland.  Toss in a few lines of stodgy 70's Democratspeak and wahlah.

Nelson Rockefeller - Managed to convince Washington that moderate Republicans were to never be trusted and might as well be Democrats.

Spiro Agnew - Mr Gentleman covered him well enough.

State run media?  Why don't you move to Syria and find out exactly what state run media looks like.

Since when did you care what any VPOTUS accomplished? 

One out of four people is freakishly stupid. If three of your friends are normal, then it's you.


The US hasn't had an interesting VP since Henry Wallace

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If he'd become president instead of Harry Truman, he'd have prevented the Cold War.

Biden scares kids and old folk?  Cheney scared kids, old folk and everybody in between!


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