Canada had an election

The Conservatives got a majority, but the big news is that the New Democratic Party has become the Official Opposition!  They're a genuine socialist party, not like Republicans purporting that Obama's a socialist. (I was a volunteer in the NDP campaign.) It's just a matter of time before the NDP forms the federal government.



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Socialism sucks

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ask the Europeans - let's hope the smart people in Canada stay put. BTW have you talked to your Queen lately? I don't think she would approve.

This is great news...

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 assuming there's anything left to govern after the conservatives' 4-year majority rule...


Congratulations to Elizabeth May for picking up Canada's first Green Party seat.

Sure beats what those Ayn Rand cultists are purposing for U.S.

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America is about to get even more selfish and self-centered

Unfortunately for the Knee-Dippers, their leader,

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Laydown Jack Layton, was caught sober and naked in a whorehouse with his pants down around his ankles by the Toronto PD back in the mid-90s. His story was that he mistakenly thought he was in a massage parlour. No charges were laid (if you'll pardon the pun). Given the proclivities of Toronto's police union, I'd say that Jack was between a rock and a hard place for the entire time he was on TO's city council.

I don't know about the rest of you tree-huggers out there, but drunk, stoned or sober anywhere in the world, I've never had any doubts about whether or not I was in a whore house. It was no "accident" and it was always plainly obvious. I might add that some of the girls I met were quite erudite, so perhaps Jack was only doing a little constituent canvassing, as opposed to the rub&tug he came for. Oops.

Jack still lives with his wife in his mother-in-law's basement in Toronto, but I hear she's an excellent cook (his mother-in-law, not his wife).


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Say it ain't so, RF!

Yes, 'tis true. Laydown Jack lives with his mother-in-law.

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The rest of it is true, too - to my great delight. It was detailed in the notebook of a now-retired Toronto vice division officer who was on-scene at the time of Jack's indescretion. Unfortunately for Jack, the officer never turned in his notebooks upon his retirement, as he was required to do by regulation, thus the documented evidence. The retired officer has subsequently donated his notebooks to the police department as he was required to do upon his retirement.

The Ontario Provincial Police (called by some the Ontario Political Police) were recently called upon to investigate the derelict PO's "crime". They declined to lay charges. All that probably because the officer returned his derelect notes so that the obviously jealous Toronto police union can further encourage Jack all by itself, minus the participation of any single flatfoot.

yeah, I googled it.

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Why does this delight you?  

I delight

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in finally welcoming Jack to the human morass, even though he has apparently been a part of it for quite a while now.

The holier-than-thou attitude of many - but particulary the Canadian media ego - has finally been temporarily deflated. I'm sure Jack thought he was going to get a free pass from now unto eternity. As he found out, there are no free passes. It's unfortunate that the only paper of record that would break and follow the news was Sun Media, but better them than no one.

*What most springs to my mind is this:

1) Have any Chinatown thugs used the information to avail themselves of Jack's assistance?

2) Has the Toronto police union used the information to their advantage while he was a councillor, or after? He owes a debt of gratitude to the suddenly friendly Toronto cops who refused to press charges for his being in a common bawdy house - otherwise known as a whorehouse.

*Not that I am trying to cast aspersions, or anything of the sort, since it's all been said by Sun Media. And you didn't hear all of it out west? I wonder why?

I like the way this guy puts it all in perspective.

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