Canadians are meanies!

Winnipeg mayor kicks underpriviledge kid in the face


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Yes, it's sad.

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But it's better treatment than what Canada used to do with the underpriveledged.

Canadian exports to the U.S continue to increase

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despite a declining American economy.


What kind of wine goes with foot?

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I need a new recipee for foot soup. No matter how I cook it it still tastes like foot.

Dood, you eat foot soup?

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Watch out for toe main poisoning. 

Lots of collagen in foot soup.

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Good for the skin.



~There ain't no Devil, there's just God when He's drunk.~


Don't eat the feet!

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You'll be susceptible to hoof and mouth disease.

Damn but I couldn't get permission for my day trip to Cheyenne. I had to stay home and keep the girl company. I am so whipped.

You? Whipped? I got your whipped right here, buddy.

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Whipped is when your old lady asks you to lay off bikes until the kids are raised. 

And you do. 


While on the subject of severed limbs,

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does anyone have any idea on the merits of Machete? The trailer looks interesting, and there are lots of B-actors in it.

Just the name "Machete" makes me not want to see it

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I don't normally go for slasher films although I did enjoy Zomieland


Back on the subject of feet, I was never able to finish reading a short story by Stephen King about a med student stuck on an island having to eat his own gangrene foot cause he was hungry.

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