Can't anyone make an accurate Holocaust Movie?

Movie critics have complained that the Tom Cruise movie "Valkyrie" was far too sympathetic to the German Army officers who plotted to kill Hitler in 1944.  Cruise and company try to make them into heroes when actually the plotters just wanted to get rid of the Fuhrer because they thought he was incompetent and therefor ruining their war plans. calls "The Reader" "The Worst Holocaust Film Ever Made."

I thought "The Counterfeiters" (2007) was a hard hitting reenactment of how Jews imprisoned in a concentration camp were able to thwart a Nazi plot to make them counterfeit UK and US currency during WWII.  Then I found out the movie is basically a sham.  The prisoners actually cooperated with their Nazi captors and were mostly successful in printing UK pounds but didn't have enough time to print US dollars.

The people who knew Schindler say the movie "Schindler's List" gives a false picture of him.  He actually kept the Jews alive so that he could exploit them as cheap labor.

We don't expect movies to be accurate history.  They are mainly for entertainment.  But if so shouldn't there at least be some kind of disclaimer at the beginning of the movie?  The DVD version should give a real account of the actual history.

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LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL was overrated

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Possibly the least realistic Holocaust movie ever.


I thought Schindler's List

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I thought Schindler's List accurately showed that Schindler was just in it mostly for cheap labor, but that he eventually starts to do it just so he can save as many as he can, but by then it's too late.

War and rememberance? Sophie's Choice?

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I know there were Holocaust survivors on hand during the direction of Sophie's Choice. Explaining things like, that it was easier for the prisioners to walk in the deep and muddy footsteps that had already been made, rather than make their own, because at that point they were too weak to.

War and Rememberance, good God that was messed up, I saw it at an early age but I think I needed to. It really taught me from an early age MAN THAT WAS SOME MESSED UP **** THAT SHOULD NEVER HAPPEN!!!!!

We can't kill them fast enough! carbon monoxide is too slow!
These jerks had them on a firing line, lined up by the hundreds or thousands in front of a massive ditch, and then they would rat-tat-tat all the way down the line. It was one of the most screwed up things you could watch, but I needed to see it. And THAT wasn't fast enough? So they were experimenting with other ways like driving around busloads of people with the exhaust turned inward intil everyone died, and that wasn't good enough either? and so on...

Shindler's List, well, Speilberg said at the beginning that Oscar Schindler was a Nazi, a womanizer and so on, I think that was the disclaimer right at the beginning, that the movie wasn't absolutely glorifying the guy.

I know ethnic cleansing still takes place, but I don't think it's ever been done as systematically as it was and the people who were doing it were complaining that it wasn't being done fast enough.

Deniers? The Nazi's kept clear records on everything they did, go debate it with them. Most deniers probably have some kind of agenda.

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