Can't say I agree with Roger Ebert on this one...

I used to call Limbaugh a scumbag

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but had to quit because it was an insult to scum. 

The worse thing people could do to Rush Limbaugh

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is to stop listening to him. The fact that he still has a top rated show on the radio is a testament to the sickness in this country. He's a shock jock and nothing more. When people respond to his crap it only proves to him his shit is working. We should just stop being outraged and ignore this stinking pile of poo.

To stop listening isn't a tactic.

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It's time to publicize who his sponsors are and to boycott them.

Or girlcott.  I'm not a sexist. 

Rajah & Coaster, good points...

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...I've said it many times, Rush is a radio troll.  He gets paid to say stuff most rational folks disagree with.  Then people say, "OMG did you hear what he said?" and the money comes pouring in.  How do you think eminem sells records?  He says offensive shit, the offensive shit he says attracts attention and people buy his records to here if he actually said what they heard someone talk about.  "I can't believe what I'm hearing, I've got to check this out."

And yet, I've never tuned in for an actual Rush broadcast.  I can't say any of this would m,ake me want to so I'm a little confused as to how he makes his money.  Sponsors are one thing, and hating Obama is also another thing, but insulting veterans?  How does that gain followers, how does it increase listeners?  I always here aboput the f*cked up sh*t that Rush says, but it doesn't make me wanna buy his book so where's the money coming from?

Yeah, a list of sponsors to boycott would be nice.  Imus got a tough break.

Occasionally when I'm running through Montana

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I'll tune Rush in, but he gets so tiresome. I used to enjoy the call-ins, but he loves the sound of his own voice so much the callers never get any substantial air time. They were screened so well that none ever disagreed. I find it all rather entertaining, but a steady diet of Rush would turn me into a disaffected, white-sheet-wearing, oh, wait, I already do that.

I've hit quite a few of the paved and not-so-paved back roads in Montana, and there are more than a few spots that I wouldn't be so bold as to disagree with anything the locals said. In the northern part of the state, even the occasional interstate turn-off for gas has me watching my back. Crossing the Adirondacks and pulling into some of the hollers didn't have me doing that, but then maybe I only pulled off into the good hollers.


Glen Beck lost a bunch of sponsers and he's still on the air

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There will always be the gun manufacturers and the KKK to sponser Rush. Surely the media and the president's press secretary could ignore him. He's hardly newsworthy.

Those voodoo-doll-loving, chicken-choking, godless oh shit!

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athiests brought it all down on themselves, literally.

I am so sorry. I just can't help myself.

He'p me, please he'p me! Send your prayer crosses (along with your Haiti donations) to Box 13, Nara Visa, Arizona.

Rush is a contrarian

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What you would think was a normal reasonable response he would say the opposite. I think he appeals to the crowd who is anti-government leave me alone with my guns and money. I just wish people would ignore him. Who does he speak for but the lunatic fringe i.e. my brother-in-law.

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