Cast your vote for Best Trilogy.

Cast your vote for Best Trilogy.  Okay, so the voting isn't anonymous, but we'll only get like five replies anyway. 

The long list of nominees is as follows:

*Original Star Wars trilogy (sorry, the sequels don't make the list)

*Original Indiana Jones trilogy

*LOTR films

*Back to the Future Parts 1-3

*The Godfather films

*The Evil Dead trilogy

*The Matrix trilogy

*Original Rambo trilogy

*Kieslowski's Red, White, and Blue

*Sleepaway Camp films (ha!)

*Robocop trilogy

*Oliver Stone's Vietnam trilogy


Did I leave anything out?



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I would say the original Star Wars

Rajah's picture

except for that gay robot

So I'd have to say The Lord of the Rings but that was full of gay hobbits

Okay, the Indiana Jones trilogy even though Kate Chapshaw pretty much ruined the second one

Oops, let me throw in one more for consideration.

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And this is one of the best; not sure how I forgot it: the Toy Story films.



No Contest: It's Star Wars

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And I didn't even know they made two more Sleeepaway Camp films.  Why on Earth would somebody do that?

My vote goes for Indiana Jones, and here's why.

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Temple of Doom - while a lot of people don't like it - has some incredible stunts, breathless pacing, and the best dinner sequence ever put on film.  Last Crusade is the funniest, and it has the great casting of River Phoenix and Sean Connery in important supporting roles.  Two actors whose presence is sorely missing from Hollywood these days

As for Raiders of the Lost Ark, it's only the GREATEST ACTION MOVIE EVER FILMED, and a truly perfect motion picture.



I'd include Satyajit Ray's Apu trilogy

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It gave the name to a SIMPSONS character!


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