Celebrity Rehab III

Will Tom Sizemore get his shit togther? Or, will Tom Sizemore go get his shit and get high?

Who was that hot blonde chick that departed the snooze-fest with Tom Sizemore? She's a cutie! Can we get her into rehab?

Will some tall black unknown dude get known?

Will Heidi Fleiss figure out the meaning of the parrots in her life?

Will someone wipe that smirk off of Dr. Drew's face?

Will Dr. Drew ever shut the fuck up?

Will anyone care?

Will Chris Mathews ever shut up? Oh, wait. Sorry, that's another program.


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Hope floats in a Vegas martini glass!

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Celine Dion is returning to the city of sin for three more years.

No word on whether aged hubby will live long enough to see her there.

For those who fail the test during rehab

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Multi-denominational to appeal to the deniers amongst us.



Screw that idea

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Well I guess it would keep them from popping up in a flood

I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all

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a Happy Valentine's Day!!!


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