Check out the KNIGHT & DAY poster

Somebody in that movie had to sport one!

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And it sure as hell wasn't gonna be Tommie.

Speaking of a meat shortage...

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A little Soylent wouldn't be completely out of line for some.

Wow, Frank Herbert came up with that idea

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of growing meat in vats

Can't believe they're actually ready to do that

While wondering where's the beef...

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Angelina Jolie, that anorexic, ugly, pump-lipped excuse for a woman who is incapable of acting, is slated to play Marilyn Monroe in some puff-piece. George Clooney, another non-actor, will play Frank Sinatra. The two are well-paired.

Jesus, but Monroe and Sinatra must be writhing in their respective graves at even the mention of such a spectacle occurring.

Sidebar: Frank Sinatra was spotted by yours truly in my small town in Northwestern Ontario at a local hotel's eatery. He was accompanied by a hulking bodyguard. From an opposite table in the mostly deserted eatery, I couldn't help staring a couple of times. After the second time, I looked down, looked back up, and the pair had hightailed it out the back. I was truly disappointed.

Did you know?

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Peter Lawford told his son that he never slept with Marilyn Monroe because he disliked her BO.


Silly man. He could have

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dragged her through the shower after a couple of sleeping pills.

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