Chris Matthews slaps around Birther G.Gordon Liddy

Was Obama's mother a US citizen?

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Yes she was.  Case closed.

This whole thing is almost a stupid as the people who say that Senator McCain is not a citizen of the USA because he was born in Panama.  Who gives a shit about the geographical location where someone exited from their mother's vagina?  It's meaningless.

Now could we please focus on something important.  Such as public breast feeding or male circumcision.

{;-) Dan in Miami

This, is scary

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I don't remember any Dems going on and on about

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McCain being born in Panama. A military base in a foreign country is considered American soil, end of story. Obama was born in Hawaii, here's his birth certificate, that should be the end of that story. The simple fact is these people can't stand the fact that they have a black president now. The Republican party has been hijacked by these people. Why aren't more Republicans concerned? So far the only one I've heard speak out is McCain's daughter.

I agree with the Raj on this one.

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Rajah for President!




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Ole Raj is correct; The-Birther-In-Red wants her country back from that goddamned nigger.


Apparently this also involves time-travel, at least back to January 20th.


The Time Machine, Terminator, A Sound Of Thunder, The Man Who Folded Himself or Dr. Who rules?



~No, my young padawan; this one is mine.~


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