Christine O'Donnell : "I AM NOT A WITCH, I'M YOU"

I don't know about the rest of you cranky people,

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but I'm hoping she wins her seat, along with all the rest of the crazies. The media gives these wingnuts credence, and so you all will get what the media wants you to have.

Riding Fool

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Why do you hate America?

I don't

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hate America.

I love it for the comedy relief that I get whilst watching and reading the credence given to a pack of crazy wing-nuts by your media superstars. It even resonates up here occasionally, when some of your nuttier nuts get to appear on Canukistan teevee to provide us all with a laugh.

I love that your country purchases 73 percent of Canadian exports, including filthy, disgusting tar sands oil.

I love California girls, who in turn love Canadian boys.

I love Weeds. Lamentably, B.C. bud is better than Nancy's, but that's all right. No country is perfect.

Not even Canada. In fact, I'm much harder on Canada. You just don't get to read about it.



Is she the one married to Darren?

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Does she twitch her nose alot? There is a whole generation of people who grew up on Bewitched & an even larger population who grew up on Harry Potter. Since when is being a witch a bad thing? It beats being a pedophile priest. Obama is descended from a race of witch doctors in Kenya. And he has cast his spell. I hope she wins too because she is young & she is hot.

The last woman I knew who twitched her nose a lot

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was California girl who was a bit of a tweaker. She wasn't into witchcraft, but she sure looked hot in the Catholic schoolgirl uniform she occasionally wore to work. What can I say, it was a bike shop.

And Nixon was not a crook

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And Jessica Hahn was not a bimbo.


Tie her up and throw her in a lake

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If she floats she's a witch!

If she drowns she's innocent

This is America , we have a tradition, you gotta prove you're not a witch!

Come on now, Raj. Maybe MissyBusty

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can't swim.

A response to O'Donnell's ad in song

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Remember that scene in THE LAST KING OF SCOTLAND?

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The one where Idi Amin was giving a speech to Ugandans and exclaimed "I AM YOU!"?


Well, considering he was a cannibal

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He was right!

You are what you eat

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