Christmas is 3 months away, and I'm working on my wish list.

Forget it Mal!

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Everything under your tree is coming from this place!

And serve your guests rhese delightful treats

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Rajah, It looked like you

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It looked like you submitted the html for an entire site.  So it was marked as spam.  Did you just copy everything on a page and then paste it in the Rich Text Editor?  If so, that copies the underlying html.  Big No No. 

On a related note...

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is there a way to set the default editor to text-only?  I'm much happier in a text only environment.  Hell, I do half my work at the office in DOS!

With the appropriate gnu-linux tools installed, of course.  Gotta have my grep.


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In that case, I'll have the Commie Nesting Dolls and

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the chattering teeth. Elderly gentlemen should always keep their own teeth in.

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