Christmas reading lists

Who has started their Christmas shopping by buying books for the kids?

Here's number one with a bullet on my list:


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He puts the free in freedom!

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I heard Palin was going to sing a duet with Celine Dion

"Spiritual novelest" =

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"Spiritual novelest" = ???

I'm so lost on present ideas this year, especially for Ye Olde Clan Ness Yankee Swap*.  I might actually go through with the long kicked-around plan to bring a copy of Cranky's book.

* In theory: Buy something nice under $25.00, bring it to the party, each gift gets opened by a guest as their randomly chosen number comes up and it may be traded with whatever has been previously opened.

In practise: The same.  Only replace "something nice" with "something that might be considered nice to a person who has just recently suffered severe head trauma".  And replace "traded" with "make it somebody else's problem".  Good times.

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