The Obama administration has suspended aid to Nicaragua because some people are challenging the legitimacy of the election that returned Daniel Ortega to power. (A presidential election would never get stolen in the US, would it?)

If Dubya did this, progressives would be indignant. We'll see how they respond when Saint Barack does it.



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You got it wrong

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They are challenging, the municipal election, AKA Mayors and councilmen.

Come down off of that high horse, Freep

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The Obama administration is not alone here.  The European Union suspended $31.7 million in aid, too, because of rigged municipal elections.  

Click here to read the whole story

Do not denegrate Thee Obama.  (Coaster nods and genuflects) 

It still seems hypocritical to me

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Look how generous Washington is to many nations that don't allow ANY elections!


Case in point

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The irregularities in Egypt's elections.


Why the fuck are we giving aid to Nicaragua?

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Why can't we funnel taxpayer money into my Swiss bank account instead of Nicaraguans'?

Since you asked

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It's all about sharing the wealth

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They get money. You don't.

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