Clinton stinks up the joint

Is any one surprised that President Pervert is stuck on this political turd like a fly? He has been out of office for over 10 years but no scandal would be complete with out him, It looks like he & O'Bama are guilty of multiple felonies for interfering in 2 state elections - Pennsylvania & Colorado. Any chance they could become cellmates?


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How's about a link

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So we'll know wtf you're talking about

Here's an "impartial" link

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It's all about nothing, as usual. Only the lamestream media will give it legs once the GOP has whined and cried about it long enough.

Sestak is on the record saying White House offered him a job

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From a Chrtistian Science Monitor article, March 16, 2010:

"[In February], Philadelphia TV newsman Larry Kane asked Congressman Sestak if he had been offered “a high-ranking job in the administration” to get him not to run for the Senate. “Yes,” Sestak replied."

There seems to be some substance to this.  

Here is a short video from a liberal TV show interviewing Congressman Sestak:


{;-) Dan (not a Democrat or Republican) in Miami


I think it's called

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you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours - particularly true in politics around the world. Now someone wants to make it a big deal? The lamestream will get a lot of mileage out of this, because, you know, no one in any other party ever did such a thing. Right.

Speaking of any other party, you Yanks need an alternative party down there. A real alternative, not some Tea Party.


Mr. Fool are you making a libertarian argument?

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No harm, no foul?

If so I expect to see you at the next Ayn Rand meeting in Canuckistan.  If there is such a thing.

{;-) Dan in Miami

There you go, putting labels on things. Typical American.

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Left. Right. Center. Left of right. Right of left. Conservative. Liberal. Devout catholic. Athiest. Fundamentalist. Christ (if you'll pardon the pun), no wonder the lamestream has such a field day promising to be all things to the most ridiculous people ever, and no wonder the rest of the world has such fun at your country's expense.

I would like to see a Progressive party rise in this country

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Cause the Democrats sure ain't it. So many of them have creeped to the wishy washy middle.

I'd label you Hobo Biker

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with a foot fetish

Speaking of hobos (not that I'd ever hijack a thread)

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The recession is over! Good times are back once again!

And it's all thanks to Puppet The Psycho Dwarf. I can't wait!


Eventually (I would hope)

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you might see a coalition of sorts evolve between the more sensible wings of both parties. However, given the lamestream media's adoption of pandering to the lowest common denominator in an attempt to sensationalize their ratings numbers, I doubt that any such coalition would get anything even remotely resembling sensible lamestream coverage. Rather, it would be a McCarthyite free-for-all against the traitors trying to hijack the constitution or some such madness.

One can live in hope, though, can't one?

On the other hand, the American lamestream does certainly provide ample hours of televised entertainment for the rest of the world to watch in wonder and amazement as the country continues its unabated freefall deeper into the pit of fascism.

How about that, Dan?

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