Clone Wars & Tropic Thunder

Clone Wars - god, what a mess! The animation was annoying and distracting, and better voice actors could have been found in any Wal-Mart. The highlight for me was seeing the trailer for "City of Ember", which was a decent book based on a very clever idea.

A couple of minutes into Tropic Thunder, I realized just how deep my hatred for Jack Black runs. I could barely watch his scenes. In fact, I shut my eyes during his underwear scene because I didn't want to puke up $20 worth of theatre munchies. Ben Stiller has always creeped me out a bit - I guess I've just never "gotten" him. Robert Downey Jr. was quite enjoyable, and kept me from spending 90 minutes answering my texts. I'm not a fan of Tom Cruise, but his character was deliciously creepy. I couldn't take my eyes off him.

I don't think I'd ever seen a Robert Downey Jr. movie before Ironman, but it's time to start checking them out.


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Robert Downey Jr is probably one of the most underrated actors, he has been in a lot of crap, but you can check out Chaplin, Zodiac, Kiss kiss bang bang.

Ugh. I forgot that he was in Zodiac (a very good movie, btw).

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I've heard that Chaplin's good, so I might have to give it a try. It just doesn't seem like my type of film.

How are you doing, Critico? I've missed talking to you.


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You didn't answer back my last email ;) . I'm doing alright healthwise, not so good everything else, but isn't that always?

Are you sure about that, Critico?

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I'll have to go back and take a look, but you're definitely not on my "forget to respond" list. If so, I'm sorry about that - I'll blame packing and moving on my negligence. Regardless, expect something soon!

"answering my texts"

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Heh. Of all the masturbation euphemisms I've ever heard, this is my new favorite!

Xur, you know me too well.

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Actually, I've never masturbated in a theatre, but it does sound like fun. I'll add that to my to-do list.

You are starting to scare me...

TMundo's picture's the last starfighter picture, I'm hoping you don't attend conventions.

Would you prefer...

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if I switched back to the sceptre? That was from TLS too, you know. As is my handle in the first place. Why wouldn't my avatar be from the film? I sure as hell ain't putting my real photo up there, you freaks!

BTW: What the fuck is going on in your photo? Are you playing a game a Edwards 40-hands? Was that photo taken by one of the losers while laying on the floor? It's a little freaky in its own right!

I was wondering if that was in fact the Xur ceptor...

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...and now that my suspicion has been, ummm, yeah whatever.
The newer pic is cooler though, the Mu likes.

My pic is not of me, but it is an example of one foray into the practice of perspective photography and/or perspective special effects (take special note that I enjoy typing and/or)

It has nothing to do with binge drinking or beer drinking, or rather, that was not my original intention.

Yes, I was on the ground when taking it.

I too can't stand Jack Black

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The man's just not funny

Ben Stiller is great for his over the top characters

Several times I forgot that was Downey. Now that's ACTING!

When Stiller picked up that severed head I lost it!

Some other RDJr roles

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The drug addiction movie LESS THAN ZERO put him on the map. Be warned that that when he's off the screen it drags somewhat. (Whatever happened to Andrew McCarthy?) Watch for James Spader as a disturbingly level-headed pusher.

He has a small role as a reporter interviewing Woody Harrelson in NATURAL BORN KILLERS. (One critic said he acted Harrelson off the screen.)

In RICHARD III (the Ian McKellen version set in the fascist era) he's memorable as a decadent aristocrat.

TWO GIRLS AND A GUY gets a bit silly in the second half, but he has a great entrance singing Vivaldi.

One of his movies I'm meaning to see someday is THE PICKUP ARTIST, his first starring role.

Two Girls and a Guy

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First half is great! And Downey has tons of actor ad-libs, I could just see him acting like that at home, that's pretty much how I act, minus the piano. Great when he's confronted in the film as well.

I agree re. Jack Black

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I liked his early supporting role in High Fidelity. Otherwise, though, he mostly just annoys the shit out of me.

Ben Stiller was on the verge of being overexposed for awhile there, but he seems to have reduced his workload a bit. Either way, he's found a nice niche for himself playing the agitated (and uber-competitive) straight man.

Rober Downey Jr. and Tom Cruise were both great in Tropic Thunder.

Jack Black

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I gotta say i'm pretty indifferent to him, he haven't annoyed me, but i also haven't found him brilliant on anything, i do like School of Rock. He is a pretty good singer tho.

Well, yes, School of Rock was ok.

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I just find him too arrogant and annoying.  What was that Mexican movie he did?  God, what a mess.

Nacho Libre

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I went to see it with Becky when i went to Cedar Point.

Jack Black

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 the thing about jack black is he's only somewhat funny when he's playing jack black. because even when he's not playing jack black he is playing jack black.


ahhh, the power of shtick

Went to see Tropic Thunder yesterday

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Didn't find it very funny at all, good acting tho, but pretty worthless. Another waste of Steve Coogan. It kinda felt like a nonclever Hot Fuzz. Every review i have read talks about the really good opening, i guess that reel was missing from my screening.

Uh...what really good opening?

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If it was good, it certainly wasn't memorable.

You liked Hot Fuzz, too, Critico?  It's one of my favourite movies.  Did you see Run, Fat Boy, Run?

haven't seen it yet

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the opening scene, was the filming of a scene between Stiller and Downey Jr, where Stiller can't cry well, and keeps complaining about Downey excessive crying, or something over the top like that.

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