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They don't come cuter than Leslie Caron

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Ever see GIGI?

Mel Ferrer died recently.


I've seen Gigli and Gidget: Does that count?

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James Darren appeared in all three Gidgets with a different actress playing Gidget in each one.  He couldn't surf and was a lousy swimmer (IMDB). 

I may catch Gigi.  The stuff on the Internets say it's evocative of My Fair Lady, which I liked despite it having no martial arts, no chase scenes, not a shred of mystery, and nothing blowing up.  

Gigi, I've written a few reviews on the subject...

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Coaster, it is a musical and nothing more then that, however, taken out of it's context, and with the music removed, it's quite a manipulate story of how a young girl's aunt and grandma scheme to force a young gigi to become a mistress.  However, I'm told in french society, at the time, it was no big deal and quite common for middle class women to do so.

With all the dancing and singing, you tend to not notice what's going on, there's more to the story than meets the eye, but it's muddled with song and dance.

It was based on a book, it might be a decent read, I dunno.

So it's about child prostitution?

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some muscical!

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