Coaster, check out Julia Sweeney's "Letting Go of God" if you haven't already

just finished watching it on Showtime and it was both brilliant and hilarious!

found it on Youtube but in a chopped up form


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We saw the original guest lecture from which LGoG was derived

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There's a DVD floating around of her speaking to a graduate philosophy class post God Said Ha!  The lecture began with her telling of two Mormon kids knocking on her door. 

Thanks.  I may check it out just the same.  

Looks like she put alot of thought and struggle in her discision

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Geez, I was more upset letting go of Santa

Well my spiritual friend, there is this:

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There's far more objective "evidence" for the existence of Santa than there is for the existence of any deity. 

The jolly old pedophile Santa is back to peeping in on children

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To see if they're naughty or nice. Come to think of it didn't Jesus have a thing for children also? "Suffer the children to come unto me". Yeah, if I was living back then I'd sure let my kids cuddle around some wandering hobo prophet!

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