Coaster, I gotsta know

Coaster,I came across this entry as I was reading the comments about Seniler Imhofe's lightning visit to Copenhagen to enlighten the Europeans about his views on global warming. Mr Symes is telling about his forced visit to Oklahoma.



... are the attitudes and beliefs of it's inhabitants.

I was sent there for 3 weeks to do some Y2K consulting back in the day, the hotel had a Hooters in the parking lot.
But the thing that got my attention was this commercial:

(Tight close up on a cross attached to a faux wood panel wall, pan out to left keeping cross in shot...)
Announcer: "Here at Big Jim's Auto Jesus is our Lord and saviour"
(Finish pan out on hallway to auto bay with cross still in shot)
(Cue collage of auto bay and maintenance shots)
Announcer: "That's right, at Big Jim's Auto all of our repairs are guaranteed by the Lord himself, when you get a brake job at Big Jim's you know you will get looked out for by the Lord himself."
(Cut to shot of owner)
Announcer: "That's right, come on down to Big Jim's for all of your auto repair needs, where the Lord Jesus is our Saviour!"
(Fade out)**

Say it ain't so, Joe.  Plus, how long is the guarantee? Seven days and seven nights?





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SHAKES!!!!!!!!!! I missed the shout-out. Sorry.....

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The author may have his cities confused.  There was a used car lot 21'st Street in Tulsa where Jesus was Lord and Savior. It was just a crappy small car lot with the exception of the sign proclaiming the the board of director's holy pedigree. Alas, that divine auto lot is no longer in business. I think the trouble the Catholic Church had with getting sued ruined God and Jesus' credit ratings and the money dried up.

The Hooters in the parking lot of a hotel is located in Oklahoma City within 150 feet of the Hilton. Why don't they buy those poor waitresses tee shirts and shorts that fit more comfortably? That last Hooters girl that waited on me had a dime in her pocket and I could read the date on it and if the poor girl had taken a deep breath, we would have had a veritable breast explosion as her overstrained top gave way.

I hope all is well with you and yours.

Let's see now, what will it be tonight?

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Will it be Hooters Snow Angels 2, where the girls will appear in a swimsuit pageant in the snow -- Viva Pucker Power!

Or, will it be Celebrity Rehab With Dr. No during which Amy and Lou discuss her adult film career and multiple facial surgeries while Michael Lohan argues with Kate Major?

Who the hell is Kate Major?


Our Hooters features Breastfeeding In Public!

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 Jesus built my hotrod btw


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Breastfeeding is so not a thing up here in the frozen north. Given that we have six months of winter and another six of bad sledding, it's far too cold most of the time to haul a huge, obscene milk-laden breast out and stuff it down anyone's mouth, let alone a relative's.

That otter get them foaming at the mouth.

The Great White North survives on blubber

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 rendered from their vast liposuction factories

When Kirstie Alley rears her fugly ass they shout "Dar she blows!"

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