Coaster said that Blue Velvet

is a sequel to National Velvet


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True story about blue velvet

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My parents lived in Britain in the 1950s. (My father was a doctoral student.) One day they got to go to some royal reception, and my mother wore a dress of blue velvet.  The problem was, the Queen was also wearing a blue velvet dress!  Mother recalls that Her Majesty gave her a dirty look.


I've seen many many pictures of the Queen

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I'm not sure she was disapproving of your mother as I think your queen's face is permanently frozen in that position.

The Queen has one hell of a rock band

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I especially like her Bohemian Rapsodomy

Ummm, don't taslk about Blue Velvet and then bring up the queen

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now you're messing with my head.


Heineken? Fuck that shit!

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