Coaster's short but accurate review of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button



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Does he turn into a baby at the end?

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Only an Asshole Would Spoil a Picture Like This

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It was hard to tell what happened what with the alien abduction occurring during a hurricane as the assassin's rifle jammed while Kate Blanchett was in a full-on frontal nude mode. 

If you wish, check out this movie spoiler.  There you'll find the answer you seek.  My advice: Don't do it! 

So tell me

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hee hee

C'mon, Rajah.

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Anyone who likes Dippin'Dots ice cream and Tulsa Mayfest hot dogs can't be all bad.

There's a richness to this movie that can't be missed

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How they did some of it is simply amazing

Have I ever told you I've been struck by lightning seven times?


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 How did it feel?

Only seven?

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What do you know?

First time, it hit you in bed, right?

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And I'll bet the second incident occured at sea.

I wanna see this movie but

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I wanna see this movie

but I'm 45 minutes away from a theater :( 


 Formerly Known as MasterKlives


That's a reference to the movie

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It's worth the trip, Decaf

Yeah, I actually wanna see it too...

TMundo's picture lemme guess, she takes care of the baby at the end?


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It should have been called the sex life of Benjamin Button, its the less interesting character in the movie even with the condition, and the movie drags a lot.

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