Colombiana *** spoiler alert ***

A nice Jewish girl is secreted away in an attic constructed at the top of a small tree somewhere in the jungle. Anxious to please her relatives and many friends, she whiles away her days and nights as a seamstress, merrily adjusting the seams and arrows of the suits that are sent her way. Suddenly overcome by boredom, she becomes just another Jane of the Jungle and swings away to swoon from the pillars of Bolivar Plaza.

This sick bitch better kick some Colombian ass or I'm asking for my money back!

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It pains me

RidingFool's picture

that a bulemic, ugly woman, sans makeup, in the dark, with the lights out (duh), is still ugly.

This poor woman is skinnier than Angelina Jolie.

*drum roll *

I got nuthin.

Well, okay, I got sumthin: Do not, under any circumstance, spend money on this dawg, evar!

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