Commercials, the good and the bad (you can choose your own ugly)

Commercials, we all see them, most are mindless Madison Avenue (or where ever) dreck.  But there are a few that stand out for this turtle.

One the good side, number 3 is     Just seeing him being able to poke fun at himself was all but a revelation that he wasn't a TOTAL douche, and it's funny.

Number 2 is     This is one I wish I could admit to not liking, but just the guy, and the cat growl and everything is a riot.  Love the whole series.

Number 1 is honestly easy     How they managed to convince her to do that I can't fathom but that backhand is CLASSIC!

Now, on the bad side, in at 3 is     The fucktard is proud of this one, redefining the meaning of 'tool'.

Number 2 is     Gee, I hope I get in an accident so my 911 call can be answered like this, whoopie.  Whatever your thoughts of the system are this is still an insult.

The number 1 worst fucking commercial by a long shot is     Wow, contact in touch footall with kids, and this is your first thought?  Considering this is from an assclamp who stands in commercials holding a 'Will Sue for Food' sign, it's no big surprise.  My fondest hope is when I leave this valley in 3 months I won't have to be innundated with this scumbag any longer.

I just wish youtube had the Henry Weinhard's Private Reserve commercials, but they DO have the Mickey Rooney Rainier Beer ones, and those are great.

Any others?


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That's not Glen Lerner, it's

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Al Gore.

Some clown told him he could do his own spots, so he hired his "team" and went rouge, err, rogue. Imagine the money he saved, and the impressive amount of malice he created.

Wish our ambulance chasing lawyers were that funny

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