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We're trying to inject new life into the site and to do that we need more original content, more often.

Our current reviewers do a good job, but they can only do so much. I honestly don't know how Mr. Cranky put up 3-4 reviews every week for years. Superman would be envious.

So here are our thoughts on how to accomplish this.

We have community written/edited/peer-reviewed movie reviews. We make the people who want to be involved have a special privilege on the site. Anyone of these people can post a new movie review, and then anyone of these people can edit/offer suggestions over a 24-48 hour period.

When everyone agrees that the review is ready, it gets posted on the site as an official review. Mr. Cranky himself will also be involved in this process. It's similar to how the site produces their content.

And of course, credit is given where it's due. Not sure of the logistics of this yet, but we'll figure it out. What does everyone think? And who would like to be involved?


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I like it. I like all of it.

Coaster's picture

And I plan on participating.  Anybody planning on reviewing Watchmen?

Watchmen is lined up

jazzdrive3's picture

Watchmen is lined up already. And that brings to light another question. How to make sure there is not duplicate effort.

I pick obscure little independent cartoon film and it's TAKEN?

Coaster's picture

Okay. How about another upcoming little project nobody has heard about:  Star Trek?

How I see this...

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I'd like to see the community of writers/editors work on each other's work by commenting on the quality of the reviews and working to enhance them by offering up suggestions for particular lines.

When I write, I often find my well runs dry humorwise, so it would be nice for people to offer up alternatives to lines that are obviously intended to be funny. I think by this method, we can create very funny reviews and help each other become better writers.

Sincerely, Mr. C

Brilliant plan

FearlessFreep's picture

Crankyland shall rise again!


I would like to be involved

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Since we will be getting a byline of some kind is it safe to say there will be no pay?  Also we lose all rights to the material right?  Maybe we could get some surplus Cranky t-shirts or something.  I just want to say I was a paid writer!

I have always written reviews for this site for fun.  Never expected to get paid.

It shouldn't be hard to coordinate who reviews what, since there will be a small number of people and we can just e-mail each other.

{;-) Dan in Miami

I'm sure we could come up

jazzdrive3's picture

I'm sure we could come up with some kind of incentive.

As for coordination, I'll try to come up with something that's streamlined and simple.

I'm in Toronto

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When a movie gets a really limited North American release, in three or four cities, Toronto is usually one of them.  I'd be in a good position to review some of those movies.

For example, the fashion documentary VALENTINO: THE LAST EMPEROR is being released here in a couple of weeks. (The fashion world was made for the Mr. Cranky approach!)

Also, I bet I could do a review of one of the Metropolitan Opera HD simulcasts!


Alright. Update.

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Everyone who responded to this thread favorably I have made a Contributor. Now when you click on the Add Content link at the top, you should see the option to create a "New Movie Review".

Only other contributors will be able to see it. Other contributors can also edit it and/or add comments. It will automatically save all revisions, so it can be reverted back to a former version at any time.

I have set it up so it emails all contributors when a new draft has been posted. If you guys want to get more email notification, like when one is changed, let me know.

You can view new reviews in progress by clicking on "My Account" and they should be listed at the very bottom of your profile.

Let me know any feedback you might have.

Also, this isn't just

jazzdrive3's picture

Also, this isn't just limited to new releases of course.

This isn't just?

FearlessFreep's picture

It sounds fair to me=)

Hey Jazzy, you should e-mail Oddball

Dan_in_Cincinnati's picture

He wrote some very funny reviews for Cranky version 1.0

{;-) Dan in Miami

I wish it were otherwise, but . . .

Coaster's picture

I'm pretty sure Oddball's main attraction to this site was being able to slap X-man around like a well-oiled speed bag.

If you want to inject life into this place....

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Bring the Cranky women back!

Coaster should review nothing but chick flicks

Maybe that will bring the women back

Is anyone going to review the four hour Che Guevara movie?

FearlessFreep's picture

It's showing here in Toronto.

I'm not a religious man

Coaster's picture

But I will say this: God no.

Test emails

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Did everyone get the series of test emails last night?

go tit.

Coaster's picture

I got all three.

The three entries were also posted at the bottom of my profile page.

Thanks again for the hard work. By the way, did the site do away with the Rich Text entry option?

System is working A-OK

Dan_in_Cincinnati's picture

Full steam ahead!

{;-) Dan in Miami

Is this forum to be used to discuss who is going to review what?

Coaster's picture

The biggest problem I have at the moment is that there isn't one damned new movie out there that I care to see.  My reviews are mostly positive anyway because I only go to movies I'm fairly sure I'll enjoy.  So unless my wife drags me kicking and screaming to some chick flick or some wretched documentary, I'll doubt anything I see will be rated less than 3 bombs. 

Mr. Cranky said in his goodbye note that he got some pleasure out of every movie he saw no matter how awful.  I wish that were the case with me.  Or maybe Mr. Cranky never saw Charles Bronson's Kinjite.  If he had, he may have had to devise a rating worse than a nuke. 

If you'd like to claim a

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If you'd like to claim a movie, go ahead and create a "New Movie Review" for it as a placeholder. This will let everyone know that you are planning on seeing it.


FearlessFreep's picture

I got an email with a link to a draft review page where there's a new comment.  But when I opened the link, I got a message saying "Access denied:  You don't have authorization to open this page." And I was already logged in as Fearless Freep, so it isn't due to failing to do that.


Can you forward me the

jazzdrive3's picture

Can you forward me the email?

bainem (at) gmail [dot] com


And can you reach the review page now just going through your account page?

A new development

FearlessFreep's picture

Now the link is taking me to "Page not found."


It won't be found now since

jazzdrive3's picture

It won't be found now since that one was deleted. It is now in the Draft Group page. Find a link to it on your Account page.

Mr. Drive, I cannot access the Community Reviews

Coaster's picture

I tried to get on last night and was going to attempt to list some well-known actors paired with what they're known (or infamous) for for Freep's Che review, but I could no longer access the Community Reviews section.

What message are you

jazzdrive3's picture

What message are you getting? If you can see the review listed on your profile, you should be able to reach the page.

It's probably a moot point

Coaster's picture

Or as Bush would say, "a mute point", but I was getting no message at all.  There were no mentions of community or draft reviews on my profile page this morning. 

Thanks for your help again.  I now have full access to Mr. Freep's work.  I imagine you'll be publishing it soon.


jazzdrive3's picture

Something corrupted some of the permissions and I was unable to fully track down the issue. So I created a whole other system...blargh.

Contributors are now part of the Draft Group, which you can see on your Account page. Click on that link and it will list all drafts.

You will still get the same types of emails.

Check it out and let me know if everything works right.


The 11th Commandment for the movie review Draft Group

Dan_in_Cincinnati's picture

Heh, Heh.


{;-) Dan in Miami

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