"The Complete Bloom County"




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I never got into BLOOM COUNTY

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I miss Bill the Cat and Opus the Penquin

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Why did the cartoonist quit? I forget

Oh yeah.

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I am totally up for this.

All Bloom, all the time! FREE STEVE DALLAS!!!




~No, my young padawan; this one is mine.~


Berkeley Breathed's book "Pete & Pickles"

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He has a picture book published in January 2008 available at Amazon.com.   You can see it at his web site here:


{;-) Dan in Miami


RE: Breathed picture books

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I have most of them and they vary wildly in quality.  The airbrushed illustrations are unique but they don't really fit the characters, and the humor is restrained; don't want to alarm the concerned parents.

That said, A Wish for Wings That Work at least led to the one and only (thus far) animated appearance of the Bloom County characters.  And I don't know if I shared this before but it's intriguing to say the least.

The Bloom County Library

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TheWreck - who really liked Milo Bloom best, and was kinda bummed when everything began to revolve around Opus, and was even MORE bummed when Milo didn't make the cut (for obvious reasons, true, but still...) for Outland.

Penguins rule!

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Besides, Milo was a geek

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