Controversial video : watch at your own risk!

Jeez Raj! Don't you have any morals!

TMundo's picture

Do you just look up stuff like this?  Next you'll be showing us 2 girls 1 cup or something like that!

I used to know

RidingFool's picture

a girl just like that.

Perhaps you'll like this...........p.s. not for the squeamish

Rajah's picture

That Was Just The Stupiest Thing Ever

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i forgot why it is i never clink on links..thank you for reminding me you half-shaved ape.

So what's in those videos?

FearlessFreep's picture

I'm too wimpy to open the links.


Where ya been Ragey?

Rajah's picture

Da place has been dead

Whatever ya do don't click on this link!

Raj, you've got way too much time on your hands.

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As much as I like cute little furballs, I coudn't get through more than a couple of seconds of any of those.

Speaking of cute little furballs, I bought myself a couple of rats.  Coming from the rat-free province, they're a novelty for me, and man, they're great pets!

Why not an African Giant Pouched Rat?

Rajah's picture

3 foot long

averaging 4-5 pounds

can get up to 9 pounds

just means more rat to love!


That's a 'roo,

RidingFool's picture

mate. I think mal has a couple.

Ok, I'm confused.

Mal_Content's picture

If you meant I have kangaroo rats, I don't.  Mine are the regular lab-rat kind of rats.  And I thought kangaroo rats were tiny.

The "pouch" refers to their cheeks, R.F.

Rajah's picture

they are already running wild in Florida

I ran wild in Florida back in the early '80s.

RidingFool's picture

I had a pouch, too, but I sold it and retired early.

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