Could this be true > has Obama soldout already?

No, your clip is a week old. The Public Option is IN.

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Rumer started last Friday in part thanks to the article Cenk cited.  It was fed over the weekend by Sebelius' comments and those of Obama's press secretary which seemed to indicate that the lack of a public option was a possibility.But by Monday, the White House had backed off on that, and we're now back to having the White House wanting that public option.

The petition with the signatures of 60 House Democrats on the petition sent to HHS Secretary Sebelius over the weekend saying the signatories would not vote for a bill without a public option likely had something to do with that.  Max Baucus's so-called bipartisan effort effort in the Senate is seemingly becoming less relevant as time marches on. 

The way the insurance industry is martialing the troops and the Republicans is has in its pockets has convinced me that having a public option is simply a marvelous idea.  Anything that makes the insurance industry squeal like that has to be a good thing. 

From what I've heard Obama say lately

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He's  vague on the subject and he seems to be still chasing the Holy Grail of Bipartisanship. It's beyond clear that the Republicans haven't been bargaining in good faith. But this thing changes from day to day. Who's to say what they'll end up with when it's over. The Dems in Congress need to dig in their heels, draw a line in the sand and get a good bill passed.

The pitiful state of US health care

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Newsweek magazine interviews a representative of the Commonwealth Fund and compares US health care to the best in the world.

{;-) Dan in Miami

TYT's Sam Seder interviews Matt Taibbi about the watered down...

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