Could Bill Ayres sue McCain or Palin for slander?

I mean they're making some pretty wrongful accusations about the guy.  Isn't saying that Obama 'pals around with terrorists' basically calling Bill Ayres a terrorist?  Couldn't Bill sue the two of them for slandering him?


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Yes, and they'd be successful too, IF...

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If only Bill Ayers and his wife, Bernadine Dorhn, hadn't been prominent members of the Weather Underground, a terrorist organization, 39 years ago.

Once you're a terrorist, you get to keep the label for life.

Well yeah, but he's not a terrorist now...

TMundo's picture saying that he is one when he's denounced what he's done, wouldn't that be grounds?  I mean the guy's a college proffesor.

Republicans don't believe in forgiveness

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 I think he didn't actually kill anybody

Oh, I dunno about that. Coaster asked for my forgiveness

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after he put a hood over my head, threw me in the back of his car and drove me aimlessly around Tulsa until we ended up at a midnight Mayfest at the Praying Mantis.


Well, maybe Coaster isn't Republican after all.

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