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in the sidebar that was inadvertantly deleted?


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The recent comments is missing

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 Crankyland is dying

When I grow up

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I'll go missing too.

Aren't you already in witness protection?

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After watching

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multiple re-runs of UFO Hunters, Destination Truth, Decoded, and various and sundry Ancient Aliens programming, I'm anxiously awaiting the final ride. I anticipate that it will occur any day now. In keeping with some kounrty klodhopping bible-thumper and forecaster-of-doom, I've sent many of you my final possessions. You should anticipate having to pay C.O.D. charges and customs fees.

My apologies, but Life After People's cheap and disappointing CGI effects depressed me so much that I contemplated taking off my helmet and gouging out my very own eyes. I was going to throw myself on the mercies of my balcony, but it's on the ground floor and thus incapable of successful launches.

Thankfully, I have late-night infomercials and the shopping channels to contemplate and struggle through. They're playing havoc with my credit card though. Would anyone like one of those snuggly coverall hoodie thingies for Xmas in the color of your choice?

Excuse me while I get up to change the channel to 13 from 2.

Merry Christmas to all.

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