Cowboys & Aliens *** spoiler alert ***

We gotcher cowboys.

We gotcher aliens.

We got Injuns with vicious potions.

We got hummingbirds.

We gotcher virgin who can only be despoiled by fire.

We gotcher wasted life of a movie viewer who spent two hours inside on a sunny afternoon when he could have been out riding with Tattooed Chica.

Fortunately, I've become accustomed to wasting my life away, and it was no big deal. However, had I an advanced case of cancer wasting me away, I'd be really pissed.


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Anyday spent fishing is not wasted

Rajah's picture

 So sayith the Lord-duh!

Yeah, and we got chur--

Billy_Z's picture

 Ugly freaking kid who starred in that stupid "The Last Airbender" flick, Noah Ringer.

Yeah, TLA was stupid.

Wulfgar's picture

But that was Wham-Bam-Shyamalan's fault.


~There ain't no Devil, there's just God when He's drunk.~


So, laaaahhk,

RidingFool's picture

are u guyz bored, or what?

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