Crankizen 1.0 vs Crankizen 2.0!

OK, so who is changing their handle and who isn't? Post your old and new handles here so we know who the hell y'all are! I'll get started.

OLD: Xur
NEW: Xur

(Yeah, I'm creative like that)


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MadNessMonster's picture

Old: Mad-Ness_Monster
New: MadNessMonster (I guess I dropped my hyphens on the way over.)

Signature test.

Oops. I just gave you a negative one.

RidingFool's picture

Sorry about that.

If I could do it over, I'd give you a positive one.

Negative. Positive. It's all about the love.

Don't worry, I voted positive to make up for it...

TMundo's picture we're all good.

Now and forever, I am WULFGAR!

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New name, same poor quality posts. :)

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Old : Throwing_Muses
New : Kangagang


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Did you start an aussie pop band or something?

Playing now on the Steve Irwin Memorial Stage, Men At Work! Starting in ten minutes over on the Paul Hogan's Career Memorial Stage, Silverchair!

And now, the moment all your teenage daughters have all been waiting for, on the Kylie Minogue's Breasts Memorial Main Stage... Kangagang!!!!!

Same old Rajah

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I was going to switch it to Dr. Drool

Sounds to me like a kangaroo gang-bang.

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You Aussies are seriously twisted.


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It's a merge of the nickname of the Australian Rules Football team that I support (Kangaroos) and an Australian band from the 1980s called GANGgajang. It's the name I use everywhere else on the internets, so it makes life easier for me to use it here too!

Changing my name from Coaster to "god."

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I'm in a particularly positive mood today so I'm changing my name to god. Small "g" 'cause one doesn't want to be too out front with a name like that.

==Coaster (Whooooeeee!

Why doesn't the reply button work?

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...considering changing her name to Mal Adroit.

Hey, I just figured out how to edit and how to reply. I think this edit function will make for some very confused-sounding posts.

I don't know.

TMundo's picture


I noticed sometimes the edit function disappears.

Oh, Coaster.

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The only reason you want to change your name to god is so you will know that finally someone, somewhere is calling out your name as they come.

Just kidding - I bet you're an absolute maniac in bed.




My new handle

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Old handle: Zorro

New handle: FearlessFreep

The old site is starting to look like...

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...the main building at the end of Jurassic Park. HamSpam and Oddball will duke it out for all eternity after the humanoids bolt.

Oh my.

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That needs to be a fanfiction.

I was X-man in the old site,

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I was X-man in the old site, bwahahahaha.


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I was trying to reply to another comment and wound up creating a new post. Trippy.

The first time around, I

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The first time around, I only took "ModernRonin" because someone else already had "Ronin."


P.S. Anyone else find this "the forum is going to automatically copy the first line of your post into the Subject:" thing as annoying as I do?

You could make up your own subject and collapse the threads...

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...or not, the new site has a few extra variables.

Now: beer radley

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was: dirtyhippiefreak

It just didn't fit me any more.

The new handle fits my penchant for emerging only at night to drink beer and save Scout and Jem from homicidal racists.

Bumping this thread.

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Cause more people need to stand up and be counted in it.  I've been seeing a lot of names I don't recognize.

As far as I can tell ...

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I've haven't seen any newbies

I guess those that haven't identified themselves wish to remain anonymous

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