How much longer will they keep these forums going when the few remaining posters post only once a month, at best, except for that pansy ass idiot Rajah?


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I love it.

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You've got like four active posters and one of them is a troll. 

I've been praying

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for a revival, but nothing seems to happen. Ever. I just can't understand it.

I'm thinking it's time for another trip to Tulsa and the nocturnal Praying Man-tis.

Hey, a couple of guys from our group took a picture there!

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"Nothing Fails Like Prayer"

The fellow on the right started the Atheist Community of Tulsa, now over 500 strong.


So then, you're saying

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I've been praying for a revival...

I should give up?

Instead, I'd rather

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It takes a while to load the page, but it's a great time-killer.


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~There ain't no Devil, there's just God when He's drunk.~


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