"Crankyland isn't Crankyland anymore"

That's what Mia said in a recent e-mail. Is it true? And if so what made Crankyland Crankyland? Was it the people? What's the true essence of Crankyland? Can we get back there or must we evolve into something else? The last thread to generate more that one hundred posts was about the godless atheists. Is that what we've become. an atheist/communist website?


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Back when Crankyland was Crankyland

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I had been a lurker for years. When I finally came out of the darkness, everything was rosey - or so it seemed. Now...

Back in the good old days

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We had this guy who just hated back in the good old days posts.  I wonder what ever happened to him?

Well, back in the good old days, people would post about drama in their personal lives.  And it was indeed fairly personal stuff.  The drama was real, and I felt involved a bit in their lives; Though I was limited to sitting on the sidelines and cheering them on.  Now, not so much.  That was one element of Olde Crankeelande.  It seems that now nobody wants to share intimate details of their lives with perfect strangers.  What's up with that?

Generally, I'd say that few here share much of themselves, and that has removed the closeness from what had been a friendly little watering hole with an occasional sprinkling of jerks.  Nobody invests themselves in this website, and we're the poorer for it. 

Group hug, anybody?   I didn't think so. 


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Some people didn't like the drama. I guess I created some of it myself. It's alot more fun if you're on the sidelines I guess.

What puzzles me is people like Aron didn't show up for Crankyland's near death experience.

Perhaps Crankyland is dead and it just doesn't know it yet. Maybe we are all dead and we don't know it. We're Cranky Zombies! Mmmmm BRAINS!!!!!

Heck, I'd settle for some depressing rants

Well, I miss the old site.

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I miss everything that made it feel like I was talking with friends.  Or enemies, depending on the thread.  This site just feels so...pedestrian.

Would it help, Mal, if I talk more about my cockring?

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Because I could do that....



Sadly, no, HS.

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Perhaps if you posted a pic...?

I'll ask the Little General if I can post his

Rajah's picture

But I'll have to find some other host than Tinypic.com. They say he's porn, imagine that!

Well, since HS is too shy to post his, I'll post mine...

Coaster's picture

Coaster's Ring O (hold your) Fire

                                          (Actual Size)

Ya know, when I showed the ^above^ entry to my wife.....

Coaster's picture

She laughed a little bit too much.

Mine kept falling off

Rajah's picture

Hey, it's cold in here! Give me a break!

What kept falling off?

FearlessFreep's picture

The ring, or...?


I used to be the worst about

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I used to be the worst about posting embarassing stuff about my personal life here.  Back in the 90s we thought the internet was anonymous.

Long time no see, BM!

FearlessFreep's picture

What's new in your life?


Let's see...I'm married

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Let's see...I'm married again, I have three kids (3, 4, and 7), one of which is biologically mine, I've been out of the tech support industry for about 4 years now, have a private investigators license (expires this year and I don't plan to renew it as I'm not doing that anymore), and I live in Dallas, TX now.  I've shifted away from being a libertarian and I'm an Obama socialist now.

As for me...

FearlessFreep's picture

Still unemployed in Toronto.


The site is doing well, I don't think it's that bad...

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...especially considering Cranky put up a lot of notes talking about how the site was closing, and how he didn't want to write reviews anymore, but reviews ar her, and some of the same folks are still around.  New posters are popping up, and the films that were reviewed in the past are generating new posters at random.  The place is becoming more of an archive like the imdb then one single page per week.  Conversations don't die, they get saved for later.  It's a growing process, it'll be something new.

back when Mark Walberg was Marky Mark...

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...this is how we used to make the party start...

I also have been a lurker,

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I also have been a lurker, and the reviews I've read today, most recently "Indiana Jones", have been short of the mark.


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The thing is, this is by all means a brand new website.  It's so different from the original Cranky's, the comparison is almost unfair.  

While we're on the subject, wasn't it Aron who said, "the 'Good Old Days' always seem to be five months before *you* started posting." 

/ Wasn't really into the drama either.

// Or the politics.

/// Just here to talk about stupid pop-culture bullshit.

And I'm still having a hard time staying logged-in. WTF?

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Which is, for the two or three people who notice when I'm gone, the reason why I haven't been posting that often.

I've noticed

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This place turns into a sausagefest!

Even the people who crossed over with us from the old site have stopped posting

Xur (why hast thou forsaken us?)

Terribell (are you lactating yet?)

Kangagang (where are you?)

Mal Content (posting will help your igloo fever)

Wally Pipps (we need your brain)

Junkyard Dog (one lousy post?)

I miss Grundle/Capt. Lance Murdoch

FearlessFreep's picture

We had interesting cartoon discussions.


He also started alot of other discussions in the old Crankyland

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I'm curious what he'd say about his free market now

I also miss Beast

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I'm sure he'd be interested in my opera blogposts.


Me too.

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I'm still reeling from that awful, awful day when we found out.  I still wonder what he would have said about "Timmy To the Rescue".

(Oh, jeez, I'm going to start crying again.)

Beast was a helluva guy.

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Totally miss him.




~No, my young padawan; this one is mine.~


I'm still around!

Xur's picture

Well, not *around* as in around here, but I'm around.  I currently have extremely limited Internet access and a ridiculously overactive personal life at the moment, so I haven't logged in for a while.  Don't worry, I'll be back eventually!

Careful, Xur.

Mal_Content's picture

Your overactive personal life may cause severe cramping of the hands.

Then what is this site lacking?

Rajah's picture

The chaos factor is missing, maybe that's it

It's true about Rajah...

TMundo's picture

the evidence supports it:

Rajah wrote:

Wally Pipps (we need your brain)

Rajah is a zombie.

Now, what kind of zombie be he?

-Simple flesh eater

-Brain Eater

-Agile Carnivore

-Slow Arms Out


-Attempt at Reasoning



Rajah's picture


Back to lurking for me

gamerarocks's picture

A little tongue-in-cheek, and perspective goes out the window.

Impeach Jim Gibbons!



Critico's picture

so she should come back and try to put some life into this thing.

Excellent point.

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This isn't the old Crankyland. Get over it.  I'm sick of being one of the last female regulars.  <:(

Is it the same as Olde Crankopolis™?

Wulfgar's picture



Could anything be as great as (some of) our Rose-Colored Memories™ of That Place And Time™?


Doubt it.


Can it be Good Enough™?


Maybe, if you fuckers make an effort, For Fuck's Sake™.




~No, my young padawan; this one is mine.~


 P.S. Nessie, your Girl-Geek™ presence has been missed.

" P.S. Nessie, your Girl-Geek™ presence has been missed."

MadNessMonster's picture


So far I haven't had a problem staying logged in using Firefox.  You'll be seeing some more of me.

I will now ™ a ™ ™™ see? I did it

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TMundo™ Yeah, I like that

Anonymous's picture
This comment has been buried by the community and has therefore been hidden.


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I give it a 2.3 out of a possible 10.



Try harder, cuntrag.™


~No, my young padawan; this one is mine.~


How are youse guys trade marking everything?

Rajah's picture

not fair!


Wulfgar's picture

...yöu dön't knöw Höw Tö Dö It?™           
~No, my young padawan; this one is mine.~


Copy and paste is a great way of taking credit for something™

TMundo's picture

or you could just get a Mac.

I don't use a Mac.

That's what Crankyland needs

Rajah's picture

More lifeless people!


Wulfgar's picture



~No, my young padawan; this one is mine.~


oh hello there don't mind

church's picture

oh hello there don't mind the mouldy brain matter


no rajah keep your dirty fetid hands away from my brain!

It's certainly different

Badtz Maru's picture

Nice to be able to get my old handle back now, though.

Whatever happened to

Anonymous's picture

Whatever happened to Pathetic Owl, Veruca Salt, and all the older Crankylanders

^^^Coaster ate them

Rajah's picture

He likes to meat people

Badtz! Church!

MadNessMonster's picture

Good question about the other posters though.  I seem to recall that the (for want of a better word) generation of posters who were established well before I started vanished sometime between the Cranky Survivor thingie and the Conqueror Clone Wars.

Where the heck is Terribell? Carrying that baby around I suspect

Rajah's picture

Alas, I don't know nuthin' bout birthing no babies!

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