Crankyland Poll : What do you like about the New Crankyland?

Here's my list

1. the feature where you can insert pictures is cool

2. the links you post work now

3.the edit feature has cured my MCD!

4. the separating of the forums and threads has virtually elimated trolling and spam

But the sad part is so many have not returned and those that have don't post that often. I have yet to detect any new users. Yes, I know many have moved on....they're too busy, got lives or want to escape the drama that once was prevalent here. Still I hope this place will remain if only so the lost Cranky souls still wondering out there will have an internet place to come home too.


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The lack of trolls

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Being able to edit my stuff once I've posted it. 

And you're right:  Crankyland needs new blood.


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1. the feature where you can insert pictures is cool

True.  It is a cool feature, except when the picture is too large and it runs into the other stuff on the page.  An automatic reseize function would be cool, or simply rejecting the picture if it doesn't conform to sit specifications.

2. the links you post work now

False.  My links have always worked, albeit, with a cranky space.

3.the edit feature has cured my MCD!

True. I no longer have MCD, now I must figure out what that stands for.

4. the separating of the forums and threads has virtually elimated trolling and spam

Well... It would seem to me that the new layout allows a subject to die faster.  If no one else responds to it, it simply goes away from the Active Forum Topics list.  When you don't have to scroll past it everytime you come here, you're less likely to respond to a trollish statement, if you can't find it.

We did have one or to trolls come here, but it was a short-lived experience, I'm not 100% sure it's due to the new layout.

The other thing is that with having things compartmentalized, it seems to mimic the imdb, which has become a database of not only movie info, but also message board opinions.  We've always had the option here of logging into an old review and discussing the film featured in the review, but no one ever has because old forums were considered used at that point.  It's something this site will have to get used to, that a new review doesn't mean a clean slate for a forum anymore.  A review can have a multitude of discussions concerning that particular film, no matter how old it is.  Users should be encoraged to start discussions about past films by starting past review forum discussions.

What I meant about the links working

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When you click on them *BAM* you're there!

The old Cranky didn't have that feature

And I like big inserted pictures

Zooey wallpaper! Yesssssssssssssssssssss!

X-Man only posted once

He fears me!

I smell his fear

Good stuff and bad stuff

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1 - I like the workable links.

2 - I like the ability to have avatars.

3 - The blogs are a fun touch.

4 - All hail the edit feature!

5 - Others have beaten me to this, but X-Man has only appeared once.  And many of our worst trolls have never appeared at all.

And now, the downside:

In so many words, New Crankyland is just not as interesting as Old Crankyland. 

1 - We've had a serious population drop.  What would it have been like if all the older posters we hadn't seen in years came over to this site instead of vanishing again?  

2 - There's a serious need for new posters.  Right now, I see we have "17 guests".  Why don't they join us?  What's the harm?

3 - Separating the forums by topic looks neater, and leads to some interesting on-topic discussion.  But it also removes some of that wonderful/awful Cranky randomness.  I'm really on the fence about this one but it's worth mentioning anyway.

You may have noticed I haven't posted very often.  I'm just waiting for the reality of this new board to catch up with the potential.  (That and I find I am becoming One Of Those Posters who's been around for nearly ten years and longs for "the old days", thanks to having their memory warped by the Nostalgia Filter.  The thing is, I'm at least aware of how retarded that is.  When I find myself thinking "Oh, the Clone Wars were soooo much fun", that calls for a sort-of-hiatus.)

I'm curious what a better

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I'm curious what a better way might be to organize.  Should be just do away with the forums altogether and restrict stuff to the movies.  Is there a better way to organize them?  Something we can do to improve the experience.  Maybe make the Active Forum Topics longer?

Most of the guests are just here to read the reviews

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 Thats pretty much all I come here for as of late since most of the forum topics go waay over my head (I'm 14)


I really like this place but I seriously can't keep up with some of the politics here.

personally, I like most of the layout, but I miss the title contests, and also one thing I noticed personally is that the site runs a lot slower for me. The forums and pages take a lot longer to load then they used to.

One way to keep good topics alive would be to have a list of important topics, maybe ones that were the top voted on, that would always appear on the main page.

The voting on posts is a really good thing as well. 

Who's bhunting & why is he listed as posting the twilight review

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Instead of Mr. Cranky.

Where do you see that?

jazzdrive3's picture

Where do you see that?

Now that I've gotten use to it I like how it's organized

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Before it was so easy for spammers to totally clog up the forums. You'd go away for half a day and when you come back it would look like someone threw up Twinkie or whatever all over the place. Nobody would want to post after that. I think that was part of what wore Cranky down having to delete all that crap.

I really don't know how to get things going around here. We've lost so many already. I seem to remember many saying before that when they first came to Cranky's it was a while before they noticed the forums below the reviews and an even longer time before they posted.

Master Klives, are you saying that you're a newbie? I'm 53 but I act like I'm about 9.

Things that generate interest....

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Angst: I think the master in this was Aron. He could go on and on, couldn't he? I'm real surprised he didn't show up for Cranky's near death experience!

Depression: There were many good at discussing this. Again Aron talked about this often and MR. MUCUS went that way too.

Romance: I got caught up in Lost Cause's tale about his love interest.

Madness: John Doe and Darth Gaul were good at this.

Mystery:There are many that I wonder about. Terribell is one for obvious reasons and Riding Fool<who is this pantsless elderly gentleman?>


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"Madness: John Doe and Darth Gaul were good at this."

Hey, I resent that association!

Wait...  Oh. <:p


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 I had about a hundred or so posts at the old crankyland and only 16 here.

He was in a list of posters when I hit, "track."

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...and he was listed as posting the Twilight review.  Although I can't seem to find it anymore.

That heading sounds like a 1971 Dustin Hoffman movie

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The artist formerly known as Zorro.

It is with great sadness

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that I now live in fear of not wearing pants in front of teenagers. But don't dispair, MasterKlives, it is an entirely harmless (so far) affliction which I inflict only upon the inhabitants of my world.

We were all 14 one time. Some of us never grew up. Others only pretend they did. Hang around. Treat the place like an old billiard parlor hangout, kind of like the one in The Hustler, but without the knuckle-breaking. You know, the one where you weren't allowed in until you were 18, but you hung around anyway, unchaperoned, and learned to play pool better than anyone else your age, and then hustled the regulars.


And here's MasterKlives web site since the link from his bio is misbehaving.


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*doesn't know what else to say*

* leaves it at that*

Good, we need new blood!

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What?! Actually go outside and SEE a movie?

RidingFool's picture


I just saw Traitor, with Don Cheadle. A rather engrossing hour and 50 or so. I have no idea why it never made it in the billing department, because it certainly should have had some billing. It's not over-the-top western propaganda. It paints a vivid picture of extremists and their perceived methods without the high-handed lecture of bad bad bad. There's a plot twist near the end that's certain justice, but by then the rest of the movie had so impressed me that I accepted it completely.

Highly recommended because it doesn't preach the white man's christian way. Or does it?

A suggestion

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In addition to each forum's regular page, you might also have an "antechamber page" showing the heading of each post with a link to take you directly to that one (like in the "recent comments" list).  In other words, a page like the main forum page in the old Crankyland.  You could show the heading links in the same order their posts appear on the main forum page, like in the old site, or in the order they were posted (or allow a user to choose either view).  

The advantage would be that someone entering a forum with many posts could go straight to the newest ones, without the tedious work of scrolling down and searching for them.  It would make it easier for forums to grow long.

Of course, maybe I don't know what I'm talking about and all this is unfeasible.  In which case, take pity on me. 


The artist formerly known as Zorro.

Hmm. Not exactly sure what

jazzdrive3's picture


Not exactly sure what you mean.

But maybe there could be a site activity page, which would just constantly list the most recent forum topics and blog postings?

It'd be groovy

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if all the posts DID end up on one page, if the viewer so chose to sort things that way. Then you'd have a monster thread where you could possibly jump from one post to the next in a  thread without having to return to the individual thread itself.  I know I am beating a dead horse here and that this probably isn't doable due to the new thread-viewing options, but the thing I miss most (aside from beating on X-man) in terms of functionality is being able to hit "next message" or "previous message". 

I am a simple man, with simple tastes.  Now, bring me my komodo dragon sandwhich, midgets!  And don't forget schlitz!


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...I think the biggest disappointment here isn't that nobody ever talks about movies (that's a fun running joke in the forums), but that nobody ever seems to actually SEE any movies, myself, Drew, and Coaster notwithstanding.  Sure, we all grow up, have kids, money troubles, etc., but the last movie that generated any serious discussion around here was probably The Dark Knight.

I personally have seen far fewer movies this year than in any of the past 10 or so years, but even so, I still average probably 1 movie every 10 days, something to talk about.  And yes, my tastes have changed, so when I make a post about having seen "The Duchess," my post won't generate much discussion.

Anyway...people moving on with their lives or leaving because of political disagreements are just part of the problem.  This is still a movie site, and yet no one seems to even go to the movies anymore!  Yes, so many of the mainstream ones seem to suck, but there are LOTS of interesting alternative choices for most of us within reasonable driving distance of a major metropolitan city.


HS, who misses Aron's regular reviews as much as Rajah misses Aron's depressing rants.


I'd like to help, Homie, but I ain't seeing The Dutchess.

Coaster's picture

Not even at gun point. 

Now isn't it reassuring to know that some things never change?

Coaster, there's a nude scene in it

Rajah's picture

And she blows up at the end!

Okay, I'm lying but wouldn't that make every chick flick better if the heroine blew up REAL GOOD at the end?

I plan to see The Day The Earth Stood Still

Rajah's picture

It's sure to stink

It has Keanu in it how can it help but stink?

Since you put it that way, raj...

michael3b's picture

...maye I will go see it.  Keanu is so extra-terrestrially bad at what he does, that it is kind of worth the time to see him try. 

In a similar vein, I'd also like to be able to watch the last 10 years of American history without actually having to live the consequences.


Best of Both Worlds. I like Sci-Fi and Keanu

Coaster's picture

Keanu Reeves looks to be amazing in the trailers for TDTESS.  The movie also seems to be quite different from the original, which is also a plus.  Admit it: The guy has a certain alieness about him that makes him perfect for Klaatu. 

"You should let me go"

I'll be one of the first in line for this one. And honestly, I'd be there even if things weren't about to blow up reeeel good. Really.

Jonny Pnuemonic was a real zinger

TMundo's picture

was it not?

I likes the avatar option.

Wulfgar's picture

Editing is nice too.

Posting pix is a keen-o feature (where do we post the porn? Secret basement sub-forum? Speaking of porn, is it wrong to re-name the nekkid girl pix you masturbate to after female Crankylanders?).

~I'm going to Hell and I just don't care.~


If that's wrong, I don't wanna be right.

Coaster's picture

And my wife said your caption entry was way funnier than mine, so byte me. 


The strength of Cranky 2.0 is its greatest weakness

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All the new features are super cool and I like them a lot.  The problem is that the old Cranky 1.0 was super easy to navigate because it had such a simple layout.  So now we humble crankizens have all these new things we can do here.  On the other hand keeping track of what is going on takes a much greater commitment of time. 


The content is more compartmentalized which may be neater and more tidy.  But do you want to spend the time necessary to keep track of it all?


{;-) Dan in Miami


PS:  Grumpy old cranksters who were used to the old format seem to be saying it isn't worth the trouble.

personally, I think the

Decaf's picture

personally, I think the best part of this new site is the number of things you can vote on. 'cause I love voting


Like I said before...

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I think the old format was easier for spammers to take over. When the forum gets clogged up with spam then it's even harder to navigate. Many old crankylanders would just throw up their hands and give up.How often did it happen that you'd go away for a little bit and the next thing ya know the forum would be full of that week's troll handle? Now I just look at the recent comments to find the activity. The big difference now is that there are less of us left. We need to breed a new generation of Crankylanders! Or do like the Scientologists and recruit

 I think thats one of the

Decaf's picture

 I think thats one of the reasons I stopped posting. I'd go to a forum and 99% of the discussion would be off topic 

Crankylanders tend to go off on tangents

Rajah's picture

Is that what you mean?

All too often a subject will get hijacked

 especially on the movie

Decaf's picture

 especially on the movie comment pages. I think the problem was that there were no specific forums so whenever there was a new topic, people just transferred their conversations over there. it was like a forum kind of since each reply was like a new topic, except they were all comments on something unrelated. I think the new crankyland clears that up better now that theres a politics board, a movie board, and movie comments 

Yeah, some of the lady Crankylanders didn't like all ..

Rajah's picture

the talk to be about politics. But heck, we can't talk about breastfeeding babies in public all the time!

 I liked the political

Decaf's picture

 I liked the political talk, but it was kind of strange that it always was in the comments on movies

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