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Should Rajah braid his hair like Willie Nelson?


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Sorry, Raj

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No man over the age of 32 should ever be seen with a pony tail or a braid ....... unless you're either Willy Nelson or a Pandoran. 

Now wait a sec, I had the ponytail for years...

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...but braids like Willy would only work if you're rich or famous.  Rajah, I know you're not a celeb, but if you're rich than go for it.  You could go for the corn groves if you wanted, those things are cool.  I tried to get them when I was in Brasil once but my hair was too short at the time.  They just loosened into a mess.

There is no Willy

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like Willy. Well, except for my willy.

Hey RF, is this considered riding music?

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The dudes in the forum below all say the same thing.

what is riding music? (duh, stupid question I know the answer to, but what's yours.)

I guess it would be considered so by some.

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I, on the other hand, eschew the stereo. I like to pack a microwave, a small beer fridge, toothpaste and tampons for the itinerant hardbelly that I might encounter in my travails, err, travels.

When I am forced to listen to music on the road, I play only Born To Be Wild, cranked up on high, or, as a bit of alternative chording, Canada's national anthem sung by that true patriot, Celine Dion, formerly of Las Vegas. I find both to be extremely exhilarating, and after a long day on the road I can retire rather comfortably in the knowledge that I shall have sweet dreams with those fond sounds reverbrating throughout the night.

In truth, the only thing I use my electronica for is the weather radio.

Plus, that song sounds kind of gay, not that there's anything wrong with that.

Yes it's not my cup of tea either...

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...I just saw all the comments below it and immediately thought, I wonder what RF listens to when he's on the lam.  Gay huh?  I'll have to give you a free pass on Celine then considering your patriotic position.

I listen to Celine Dion when I need to induce vomitting

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Yesssssss, Born To Be Wild is the best riding music!

It's from Crankyland's favorite biker movie!


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"When [Mickey] Rourke ponders, 'If there is a God, I'd like to meet the dude, I'd like to go hang out with him,' it's hard not to cry out to the screen "Yo, Mick--you're already in Bad Movie Heaven, and you're God there"



(For some reason, this 1991 movie was set in the year 1995 or so.)

An ad for the movie listed "Harley and Marlboro's 10 Rules of the Road," which included "Never shoot pool with your own balls."


Here ya go, T

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Slow Joe doin' his thang to a catchy little dittie.

Get a haircut Raj.

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Not all guys can pull off long hair.  And on old guys it just looks sad (again, unless your Willie Nelson).  Sorry man.



I dunno, Raj

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Why don't you start by braiding your beard?  I'm sure that'll drive the chicks wild.

So, is it still the question of the day?

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Do a single braid.

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Very manly.




~No, my young padawan; this one is mine.~


Corn rows Rajah

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