Crankyland is truly dead

 At least all that crash code is gone but alas no new reviews and no new posts


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Well, post something.

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Whatchu seen lately?



~There ain't no Devil, there's just God when He's drunk.~


.Saw this clown on tv

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Oh, look! * waves to all *

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Well, I re-watched The Giant Spider Invasion and Gargoyles...

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Ah, childhood favorites...not to mention an early sight of bare titties in TGSI...


Yeah, that's Alan Hale Jr. in TGSI and Bernie fucking Casey in Gargoyles.


~There ain't no Devil, there's just God when He's drunk.~


The eggs are hatching! The eggs are hatching!

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So what's the problem?

I remember Jennifer Salt from Brewster McCloud

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Why should I write anything for Crankyland for no attribution?

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That kind of sapped all the motivation out of my writing reviews. 

I'd love to write a review for "Safe" which sucked on levels I didn't even know existed.  I saw a preview of "Touchback" which was predictable, sappy, and retarded.  I never thought I'd be saying the new "The Three Stooges" movie has been the one bright spot in my movie viewing in the past few months. 

I think fresh, current reviews would keep this site fresh.  I also belive that getting away from the old format to a format used by every other goddamed board in the Interwebz helped kill this place.  But the truth my very well be, as the Great Cranky One said, that a movie review site such as this one, well, it's time has passed. 

And there you have it. 



I'm afraid

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I must agree about the format change. The current format sucks the life out of the site.

However, I take exception to anything said about three stooges. On the other hand, I can't remember a recent movie that moved me to tears either. Oh well.

What killed this site

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Most people left when Cranky said he was shutting the place down and they weren't around when what's his face decided to keep the place going.


The reason I stopped posting here was because...

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...someone with access to the site was hacking my computer(s).

I suspect others had the same problem.   Are the Chinese idiots still spamming the place?

{;-) Dan in Miami


Everytime I check on this place

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 I expect it to be gone

You ain't the only one, brah.

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You ain't the only one.



~There ain't no Devil, there's just God when He's drunk.~


This used to be a bustling thriving sprawling brawling community

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and people even used to talk about stuff...movies, even! I woulda sworn that most Crankylanders were addicted to the joint.


Too far gone?



~There ain't no Devil, there's just God when He's drunk.~


It's all my fault.

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I leave this place, and it falls to pieces.


And, yeah - the new format sux.



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