Dead Crankyland prime for invasion?

I wish

Maybe we should advertize around the web

Hey, here's a dead website there for the taking

The format is easy to use and navigate it's just that there ain't a bloody soul using it

Still wondering why they are keeping this place going

It must be that people are still coming here to read the reviews


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Careful there, or

RidingFool's picture

your handle will get banned.

That would be such a tragedy

Rajah's picture


I'm still writing reviews

DrThomasNoisewater's picture

And they are still being posted.  It's been a slow month for releases, but I am sure things will pick up in May.

I find it depressing.

Wulfgar's picture

(tumbleweeds, crickets, dead silence...)




~There ain't no Devil, there's just God when He's drunk.~


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