Dear cooking show hosts, stop eating in front of us...

     Nothing angers me more than watching a cooking show, watching the host go through the list of ingredients, prepare the meal, take it out of the oven, but then they have to eat the stuff in front of me.  Sure, I understand the educational value of getting ideas and learning to cook from watching a cooking show.  But I can't make the meal along with you, all I can do is watch or take notes.  So chances are, if you're cooking something good, I'm gonna be pretty hungry when you're finished.  So please do me the dececy of not taking a bite out of it in front of me.  I can't eat it and enjoy it the way you are.  Everything until this point has done me a service except for this.  Your eating the food on TV does nothing to help me.  I'm not saying you souldn't eat it, just don't do it in front of me.



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Rachel Ray can eat a banananana in front of me

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I won't mind!


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