Does anyone know what's behind this sudden drop in gas prices?

Yesterday we found gas for 2.89

Not that I'm complaining mind you but it does seem a little suspicious this close to the election.

Could it be what's happening with the stockmarket?

Is OPEC suddenly our friend?

Or as my "friend" said did George Bush get his oil buddies to lower the price to influence the election?

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The drop in oil prices

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is occurring because the oil companies are running scared. The want to ensure that they continue their record profits, but at the same time, they want another Republican stooge in the White House. They haven't figured out yet that whether gas is priced high or low, another Republican in the White House will not occur for another 10 to 15 years, if at all.

If oil companies were smart, the price of oil would still be at an all-time high, no matter who was in power. They just haven't learned that yet.

But they will.

Enron lives.

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