Don't mess with Coaster!


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*Obviously* Photoshopped

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Everyone knows I can't grow either a beard or a mustache. Everything else is pretty spot on, though.

==Coaster (Whooooeeee!) 


I'm afraid

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I must concur with Coaster. That fedora does suit him, doesn't it?

Good one, Raj.

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Is it just me, or does that guy look sort of like a Jewish Keifer Sutherland?

Obligatory, but long-winded, jewish joke

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Two young Hasidic Jews from Brooklyn wanted to go into business, but felt that the clothes they owned were too shabby to be taken seriously. One of the young men said" my brother-in-law Pincus is a tailor, he can make nice black suits for us at wholesale cost!"

They went to Pincus' shop, got measured, returned a few days later and donned their black suits.

But when they began walking down the street, one of the young men exclaimed "I think these suits are actually dark navy blue! What is your brother-in-law trying to pull?!"

The other young man said "it's hard to tell if they are black or blue. How can we tell?"

The first man then noticed a group of nuns walking towards them and said "I know! Nuns wear black! When we pass them hold your sleeve next to them to see if the suits are black or blue!"

The nuns had also noticed the young men, but the Mother Superior found them to be odd. She said" I think these young men are seminary students, but they seem strange." She directed one of the younger sisters to listen to what the young men were saying as they passed, and that would determine if they were young men of the cloth.

The two groups passed and the Mother Superior asked the young sister " well, what were they saying?"

The young sister responded" it sounded as if they were speaking latin, but it was like no latin I have ever heard before."

"Well out with it. What did they say?!" Responded the Mother Superior.

"They said "Jesus Pincus Fucked us!""




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